Garrett College No. 1 in Key Student Success Metric

Garrett College leads all Maryland community colleges in the graduation/transfer rate for college-ready students, according to data recently released by the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC).

For the student cohort that started at GC in 2017, 83.3 percent of college-ready students have graduated with a degree or certificate or transferred within four years of entering the College. “College ready” indicates those students came to GC with no need for remedial math or English course.

This is the second consecutive year GC has led Maryland’s 16 community colleges in that category, and the third straight year the College had led the state in at least one student success category.

GC’s 2017 cohort finished third in graduation/transfer rate for all students, with its 68.2 percent rate just behind Chesapeake College (68.6 percent) and Frederick Community College (68.3 percent).

Garrett was also third in the successful-persister rate (91.7 percent) behind Chesapeake College (93.3 percent) and Wor-Wic Community College (91.8 percent). A successful persister is defined by MHEC as a student who graduates or remains in college after four years.

“Garrett College has been at or near the top in a wide variety of statewide student success metrics for the past three years,” said Dr. Richard Midcap, Garrett College’s president. “This is a positive reflection on both our students and the faculty and staff who support them.”

Midcap said GC’s internal student success metrics have been equally positive.

“We’ve had record-breaking semesters in each of the last three years for students in good academic standing,” said Midcap. “Our recent cohorts, based on a wide range of success metrics, have been among our most successful cohorts since we began tracking these metrics in the early 2000s.”