Friday November 8, Saturday November 9, Sunday November 10

The weather today will be a bit colder; the high only reaching 29. Some scattered snow showers before 1pm and a low of 19. Tomorrow will be partly sunny with a high of 39 and a low of 30. Sunday will be warming up: mostly sunny with a high near 49 and and low around 37.

We got the snow that was forecasted … just a skiff on my deck!

Deep Creek Times Snow on November 7, 2019

There’s several awesome entertainment acts planned around the county this weekend.

Want to learn more about a REALLY unique event?  The Oakland Ruth Enlow Library is holding a “Cybersecurity Capture the Flag competition” tomorrow. Hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Gigabit Innovation Collaboratory (MAGIC), you can solve puzzles online as a team, earn points, and see if Garrett County can take the prize! Registration is required, and the event is limited to five people – first come, first served!

Saturday is also the Garrett County Snowdrifters‘ first meeting of the season!

The Western Maryland STEM Festival is this Saturday, Nov. 9, 10am to 2pm at FSU.

The Wisp Resort Job Fairs are scheduled! meet the Managers from different departments and learn what position fits you best! Saturday, November 16th (9am – 12pm) and Wednesday, December 4th (5pm – 7pm)

Maryland DNR shares safety reminders for those participating in bow season:

• Always identify your target and background before you shoot.
• Never walk or climb a tree with a knocked arrow in a vertical bow or a crossbow loaded with a bolt.
• Unload or uncock your crossbow before transporting. An unloaded crossbow does not have a bolt or arrow in the firing position. Uncock it by using an uncocking device or by shooting into a safe backstop.
• Keep your fingers and thumb down on the crossbow forearm out of the path of travel for the string and cables.
• Never shoot if there is a doubt about the shot.
• Never shoot if the animal is alert and excited.
• Know exactly where the arrow or bolt will hit before you pull the trigger or release the string (practice, practice, practice).
• Limit shots to distances you are accurate and comfortable with (typically 40 yards maximum for crossbows and 30 yards for vertical bows).
• Always use manufacturer recommended arrow or bolt weights.
• Practice with the same type broadhead you plan to hunt with.

There is a fundraiser happening for the Deep Creek Watershed Foundation — their mission being “to Support, Promote, And Advance Scientific Study, Environmental Protection And Educational Programs Relating To The Deep Creek Watershed. We want to enjoy our breathtaking surroundings for many years to come!” Donate right within Facebook at

“A few remaining red oaks are still clinging to their leaves,” says Potomac-Garrett State Forest Manager Scott Campbell. This is without a doubt the end of the fall foliage season in the most western parts of Maryland…

There’s a snowblower listed in our online marketplace — go ahead, get a head start on winter.

Someone shared this recipe for edible cinnamon ornaments on Facebook. Are these an Appalachian / East Coast thing? These are the ornaments we made when I was a kid and most of those same ones still make it on my parents’ tree. It really got me thinking about the holidays.

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