Friday May 22, Saturday May 23, Sunday May 24

The weather today will be showers, with thunderstorms also possible after 3pm; a high near 65 and a low around 53. Saturday and Sunday look to be good: partly sunny, with isolated showers; highs around 70 and lows around 55.

Many of us are looking forward to kicking-off the Deep Creek summer in a traditional way but please remember while many restaurants are open, it is for carryout only. You must cover your face when inside any retail or personal service establishment and group gatherings are limited to 10. Vacation rentals are open, and visitors are welcome here (there’s no longer a 14-day quarantine request), but the county and rental companies request that renters attempt to be as self-sufficient as possible.

We wanted to also note, the Deep Creek staple, the Honi-Honi Bar is not open per the governor’s orders. Their lawn is not open and docks are not in the water.

There are a lot of new guidelines for everyone to deal with but the lake is open. You can definitely still have a good time in Deep Creek it just may look a little different this year. And, let’s all be kind.

Our local community response to COVID-19 has been nothing short of amazing. Here’s the volunteer coordinator, Courtney, sharing more:

In case you didn’t see it yet, this month’s cover story is on that same volunteer program.

Here’s the photo guide to the Common Maryland Snakes

WFWM Radio is playing all of the DelFest favorites this weekend (since the annual festival was canceled)

The 25th Walk For Hospice is still on for June 21, 2020 but will be a virtual event to honor those they have served. They will be taking sponsorships for placement on the shirts until June 12th, 2020 if you would like to have your business or memorial included starting at $100.00 each. Please contact Donna with ANY questions at or 301.616.3593.

Our Deep Creek Lake temperature gauge is a good place to get a general idea of the Lake’s surface temperature. This morning, the water’s surface and the air temperature are close.. who’s going for a swim?!

Deep Creek Lake Air and Water Temperature

We hope you have an opportunity to celebrate Memorial Day and honor our fallen service members. Take care!

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