Fall Foliage Report – November 10, 2022

Originally published on Maryland DNR News

Map of Maryland, we're past peak across the state. Some color remains, mostly on the eastern shore

The close of autumn is upon us in Maryland. The western and northern regions of our state are covered with fallen leaves, crackly forest floors, and bare trees indicating fall’s passing. However, there are still fall destinations and foliage worth a visit in other areas of Maryland, revealing some of fall’s last glory for us to savor.


Autumn whispered to the wind,

“I fall but always rise again.”

Angie Weiland Crosby

Western Maryland

We have been past peak here for a couple of weeks now and soon snow will replace the fallen leaves as ground cover. Now is the time to enjoy the once-a-year views that open up as we transition from fall to winter. Sweeping vistas, clear blue lakes, and mountain ranges are suddenly within view in areas usually hidden by leaf cover, opening up excellent opportunities for photographers.

Northern Maryland

If you were late to the fall party this year, head to Cecil County, which recently hit peak conditions. One of our newest parks is here and open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to sunset for passive recreational activities such as trail use and nature observation. Bohemia River State Park also is a great destination for paddlers who have access to 8,600 feet of waterfront on Great Bohemia Creek.

Yellows and oranges still hanging on in Baltimore County

The remaining fall foliage provides a colorful backdrop at Gunpowder Falls, Baltimore County.
Photo: Ed K.

Southern Maryland

Plenty of fall color remains in portions of Southern Maryland like Charles County, where resident Larry H. captured this quintessential fall scene.Homes surrounded by fall trees by a lake, all reflecting in the lake

After peaking early this year, St. Mary’s County is now past prime leaf peeper viewing. The oaks and maples are shedding their leaves, making way for the pines and cedars to stand out in shades of emerald and sage. Smooth sumac is still a rich burgundy red and continues to outshine everything around it.
Cristina Val Perez, Tree Planting Specialist with the Department of Natural Resources

Some leaves hanging on behind a frosty field

A frosty morning in Beauvue, St. Mary’s County leaves a sugar-like glaze across an open field.

Eastern Maryland

The recent winds took a toll on the leaf canopies here but the rich shades of orange, gold and scarlet red still remain, if mostly on the forest floor.
Dana Paterra – Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad State Park

If you’re feeling adventurous, make the drive to Somerset County on Maryland’s lower Eastern Shore. Here you’ll find Janes Island State Park with more than 2,900 acres of salt marsh, over 30 miles of water trails, and several miles of isolated pristine beaches. The island is wild and seemingly untouched; a haven for birds, fish, crabs, and other salt marsh dwellers.

Lots of pine needles on the ground at Pocomoke River State Park

Trees with yellow leaves in the understory keep the majestic pines company in Pocomoke River State Park in Somerset County – Photo: Christina Carlson

Photo Submissions for the Week

We’d like to thank all of the folks that continue to send in photos of fall scenes from across the state. Through your reports and photos we receive first-hand accounts of our fall transition in Maryland. Please send us your fall foliage photos, including the names of any tree species you spot, using our easy online form!

Some color hanging on in Annapolis

Tawes Garden in Annapolis
Photo: Megan M.

Wooded trail with a few leaves hanging on

Salem State Forest, St. Mary’s County
Photo: Cristina P.

Browns and yellows here an there along a sidewalk

Wildewood, St. Mary’s County
Photo: Cristina P.

outer walls of the old mill with bare trees covered bridge with some color in the trees Still some yellows holding on along the river

Gunpowder Falls State Park, Harford and Baltimore Counties – Photos: James D.

Bright yellow tree with orange leaves in the background

Fair Hill NRMA, Cecil County
Photo: Amy S.

Orange an brown leaves at dusk by the river

Bohemia River State Park,
Cecil County – Photo: ShinAe G

Yellows oranges and greens

Tilghman Island, Talbot County
Photo: Anthony B.

Mostly brown leaves in trees across a lake

St. Mary’s River State Park – Photo: Cristina P.

Horses enjoying a fall sunrise, brown tree line in the distance

Beauvue, St. Mary’s County – Photo: Cristina P.

Fall Recreation Spotlight

Spend the remaining days of fall outdoors before winter’s chill sets in! Our friends at the Maryland Department of Tourism put together a great list of 25 Things to Do Outdoors in Maryland. Fun fact: some of our campsites are open year-round for the adventurous and those looking for alternative accommodations during the holidays.

Watch the Night Sky

Be patient after dusk as Mars comes into view, shining brilliantly to the Moon’s lower left. The red planet is currently performing its retrograde loop—the slow, back-and-forth path it traces around opposition, between Zeta Tauri and El Nath, the two stars that mark the tips of the horns of Taurus the Bull. Mars was situated a few degrees forward (east) of these stars at the beginning of the month. It will be exactly aligned with them on November 13.

Source: Farmers Almanac November 2022