Experts Reveal Maryland’s Biggest Workplace Demand – Employers Want Remote Working, Followed by a Four-Day Working Week

Originally published by Insights by Lensa.

New research has revealed Maryland’s biggest workplace demand, with workers looking for remote working, followed by a four-day working week.

The study, conducted by job-hunting experts at Lensa, looked at the most popular workplace demands in each state, as well as the top 10 most popular workplace demands nationwide.

The most popular employee demands in the US:

Remote working ranks as the top demand by far, with almost 650,000 searches on Google in the last year, up from 487,000 in 2022. This isn’t surprising, as employees want to reduce commuting time and costs. Remote working also means employees have more time to spend at home, and with family, offering a greater work-life balance.

Coming in second with just short of 380,000 Google searches in the last year is the demand for a four-day working week. In 2022, the term had 192,000 searches, showing an increased interest in this work benefit. Recent studies have been carried out on this topic which showed that shorter working weeks led to increased morale, fewer absences, and less chance of employees experiencing burnout.

Employee assistance programs previously held third place in employee demands, but it has been replaced by work-life balance, which had over 310,000 Google searches in the last year. If the first two employee demands in this ranking didn’t illustrate this, employees are clearly looking for a greater work-life balance.

The study also looked at the employee demands that are gaining the most popularity.

Trending employee demands in the US:

Sustainable workplace practices take the number one spot, with a 200% increase in search volume from last year. With global warming still being an ever-prevalent issue, employees are concerned with more sustainable practices, especially in the workplace. This is because corporations and businesses have larger environmental impacts, as opposed to individuals.

Employees desire more workplace transparency, shown by the 120% increase in searches for this term. This means employers should create a space for employees to openly share concerns, feedback, and ideas. Employers should also be transparent about expectations, revenue, setbacks, and other metrics.

Ranking as the third-highest trending workplace demand is menopause leave, which isn’t widely used across the entire US. Women are at risk of leaving their jobs due to the lack of support in place when they are going through menopause.

Further Insights

  • Remote working is also the most popular work demand globally, followed by work-life balance.
  • The most trending global workplace demand is menopause leave, which has seen a 336% YoY increase.