Celebrating 40 Years of Brotherhood and Fishing Tradition at Deep Creek Lake

Six brothers (by choice) recently celebrated their 40th annual fishing trip to Deep Creek Lake, marking four decades of cherished memories and enduring camaraderie. The group, comprised of Drew Eichelberger (youngest), Dave Eichelberger, Drew Doxzon, Mickey McFadden, and Andy and Chuck Motsko (oldest), has been gathering from multiple states, including Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Florida, to relive their childhood memories and strengthen their bond.

Having grown up in Maryland, the six friends started their fishing trips to Deep Creek Lake as brothers and friends. Over the years, their shared experiences and adventures have transformed them into a tight-knit brotherhood, connected by their love for fishing and unwavering friendship.

This year’s milestone trip took place the first week of October. Throughout the years, the group has encountered numerous challenges and shared joyous moments, creating a tapestry of memories that they treasure. From hook removal incidents to heart issues, the brothers have supported each other through thick and thin, making their bond even stronger.

During their trips, the brothers indulge in some of their favorite pastimes, enjoying the simple pleasures of life. From lots of beer, bourbon, cigars, and Klondike Bars, to engaging in friendly card games, they maintain their enthusiasm and youthful spirit despite the passing years.

One of the highlights of their annual pilgrimage is their visit with DCL-legend Johnny Marple, the owner of Johnny’s Bait House. Johnny’s warm hospitality and friendship have been a constant source of joy for the group and they make sure to pay him a visit every year.

This year’s fishing officially unofficial tournament saw Drew Doxzon emerge as the champion, reeling in an impressive 10-pound, 35-inch Northern Pike.

The brothers expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Funtime Watersports, who treated them like “Rock Stars” during their special anniversary trip. From providing a fantastic Pontoon Boat to complimentary lunches and ice cream, Funtime Sports ensured the brothers had an unforgettable experience they will cherish forever.

Reflecting on their journey, the brothers affirmed their commitment to continue gathering at Deep Creek Lake for as long as they possibly can. Their shared tradition of brotherhood and fishing has created a bond that transcends time and distance, and they look forward to creating many more memories together in the years to come.