Wisp Resort’s “New Sister” – Jay Peak Resort

Jay Peak is announced as a new “sister” to Wisp Resort! Under the Pacific Group Resorts family, and located in Northern Vermont, Jay has been serving world-class skiing and riding to guests from the US and Canada for 65 years, and offers spectacular recreational activities year-round.

This new addition means great benefits extended to Wisp’s loyal season passholders for this upcoming winter season. All Wisp Mission: Affordable season passholders receive the following at Jay Peak:
  • Four (4) complimentary lift tickets for the 2022-23 season (blackout dates apply)
  • 50% off additional day tickets for passholders
  • 25% off day tickets for accompanying guests of passholders
  • 15% off lodging and Waterpark Vacation packages (restrictions apply)


JTF is excited to share some big news with all its fans. This winter, JTF and The Town of Grantsville, Md will be bringing ice skating back to Western Maryland.

Ruth Enlow Library of Garrett County: Zine Zone

Check out the new Zine Zone at the Ruth Enlow Main Library – if you’re interested in self-publishing something to share with the community, feel free to add it here or take one of somebody else’s – support Garrett County’s indie author scene!

ALL Produce and Gelato Co.

ALL Produce and Gelato Co.… that’s right ALL Produce is getting into the frozen dessert business!! What’s Gelato you might ask? It’s Italian ice cream with less fat and less air (overrun) than American-style ice cream. The result is a richer, more dense frozen dessert packed with flavor!! Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 8th at the Mountain Fresh Farmers Markets to get the first taste and take some home!!

The Glades at Meshach Run Disc Golf Course Grand Opening

The Deep Creek Lake Lions is pleased to announce the formal opening of a new public disc golf course at the McHenry Community Park on BumbleBee Rd. The Glades at Meshach Run is a 9 hole, free-to-play disc golf course. Disc golf is similar to conventional golf, with throwing discs taking the place of balls and raised metal baskets taking the place of holes. The idea for the course began with Ryan Harlow and other local disc golf enthusiasts, who pitched the idea to the club as a fairly low-cost and maintenance new feature at the McHenry Community Park. The Club voted to fund the material side of the project, with the local group of disc golfers volunteering to build it. The Club and volunteer group also solicited sponsorships of $500 per hole in order to add high-quality tee pads to each hole.

Construction began on May 14th, and the volunteers were able to clear the tee pad areas and install all of the baskets. The course had a “soft opening” the next week, and over the course of the next 2 months, artificial turf tee pads were installed at each hole, and fairways were cleared and expanded during several more volunteer build days.

“The course has already been a big hit,” said project coordinator Chris Nichols,” even just by word-of-mouth and some social media postings, we are getting over 50 users during peak days. We’re delighted to see the public getting out and getting active at our park.”

The course has been a testing ground for use by the visually impaired, another of the Club’s primary service areas. Using a set of simple beepers activated by a remote, the Club has enabled the visually impaired to play a few of the holes of the course. The beepers are placed on both the target and a disc. The thrower activates the beeper on the target, allowing them to aim their throw. Once they have thrown the disc, another button on the remote activates a beeper on the disc, which allows the thrower to find it. The concept was successfully tested during the Club’s Blind Camper program this summer. The Club is investigating improving the system by adding a phone-based app and a pitch-changing beeper which allows the thrower to “see” the trajectory of their throw.

Volunteers who helped in the construction of the course included Ryan Harlow, Chrystal Stroud, Keith Raynor, Erika Raynor, Ethan Barney, Nichol Raynor, Samurai Scofield, Claudia Rieve, Derek Miller, Garrett Miller, Harrison Gold, Eric Gold, Pat Hamlin, and Paul Burkart.
Lions Club Members Chris Nichols, Mike O’Brien, and Jeff Pringle. Sponsors of the holes are the Family of Robert W Smith in his memory, the Allegany County Disc Golf Club, First Choice Barns, K&S Moulding, the Potensky Family, Keyer’s Ridge Self Storage, Zac Bietzel, and Jay Quiin – Real Estate Sales Agent, with a special acknowledgment to Ryan’s Disc Golf Stop.

The Club will be holding the Grand Opening of The Glades at Meshach Run Disc Golf Course on Wednesday, August 17th at 6 pm. An en-mass disc throw is planned to officially open the course to be captured by a drone video. Participants will be entered for door prizes, including Lions Club swag bags, Garrett County adventure maps, and discs.

The Club hopes to expand from 9 holes to 18 holes in the near future. We are looking for more sponsors to complete the additional 9 holes.

The Deep Creek lake Lions Club was chartered in 1972, and its mission is “To serve the community and visually impaired with a special emphasis on outdoor recreation” In addition to operating the McHenry Community Park, the Club holds the Blind Skier and Camper Programs in support of this mission. The Club will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Blind Skier program with a gala dinner on Feb 7, 2023. For more information on the Club, including how to donate, become a member, sponsor a disc golf hole or support a fundraiser, visit deepcreeklions.org or email DCLLIONS@gmail.com or call/txt 323 325-5466

During the Club’s Blind Camper program this year, Meredith, one of the visually impaired children, was able to play a hole of disc golf using the Club’s remote-and-beeper system. She was able to make the basket in two throws.


During one of the build days, volunteers clear and level the area for the tee pad box, which will then be filled with stone dust and covered with artificial turf.

Northern Garrett High Sees Replacement of Lights on the Athletic Field

Crews were able to complete the step of replacing the field lights on the Northern Garrett High School (NGHS) football field this past week. The lights were turned on for the first time Thursday, August 11, around 9:30 p.m. The lighting project upgrades the previous lighting on the field while being more energy efficient. The completion of the installation allows for the continuation of games as scheduled for the upcoming Fall ’22 season. This phase of the athletic field transition leaves the replacement of the fencing remaining to complete the project.

Additional photos are available in the full story on our website.

Lighted Southern Garrett High School Field

Let there be light! The much-anticipated step of installing lights on the Southern Garrett High School (SGHS) football field has been completed. Crews began setting up the light poles on Tuesday, July 26, 2022, culminating with the lights being turned on for the first time on Wednesday, July 27, at 9:30 PM. The lighting project is a critical piece needed to allow games to resume a regular schedule for the upcoming Fall ‘22 season. This phase of the athletic field transition leaves the fieldhouse and visitor bleachers remaining to complete the project.

Sipside Lounge is Closing Effective Immediately

Sipside Lounge’s Facebook post last July 26, 2022

We hate to say goodbye so let this suffice.

As most of you may know our family has been growing across this country and we couldn’t be more excited. We have been dividing our time between Oakland and all-too-precious family time which brings us to a difficult decision. We are closing Sipside Lounge effective immediately and allowing ourselves to enjoy retirement, smell some roses and play with our grandchildren.

It has been an incredible experience these past several years and we are so grateful for the friendships we’ve made. It was a “love project” from the start but we never expected masks and rapid tests to complicate things. So many of our loyal patrons supported us and became friends through it all with a vested interest in our success. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Sipside’s final few days saw us celebrate the life of our dear friend Bob Carney with a fundraiser, much music and merriment with friends and guests and fittingly with our local faves Phil Green, Douge & Eli Helbig strumming the last notes of a song at 10PM on Saturday night.

Our dedicated staff members, both current and past, have been invaluable. Everyone who worked at Sipside helped make it a special place and we thank all of you for that.

Whether from up the street or multiple states away, countless musicians graciously shared their own “love projects” both inside and out by the historic fireplace. Thank you for your gifts.

Our wish is that someone (hopefully younger and with more energy 😁) will want to continue providing Oakland its own one-of-a-kind meeting place. To serve this purpose we are placing the property and business up for sale soon with Betsy Spiker-Holcomb and Karen Myers of Taylor-Made.

Thank you again for all the kindnesses and support; fingers crossed it will continue in new hands.

With love and gratitude, Pat and Barb

– P.S. Flipside Sounds will NOT be closing as Pat and Bill are just having too much fun!

Deep Creek Detailing

Deep Creek Detailing will be offering a mobile boat detailing service in the Deep Creek Lake area. They offer multiple specialized packages for all of your boating needs. The team will travel to your dock, use environmentally friendly detailing products, and make sure your boat is shining again. Feel free to call/text at 301-501-3212, or email to book your appointment.

The Travel Mug Weekly Schedule

Here is the schedule of The Travel Mug for this week! 6:30-1ish each day.

This 4th of July weekend, there will be a set up at Mill Creek & Company on 219 in Mchenry! Looking forward to seeing everyone!

The Glades at Meshach Run Disc Golf Course Now Open

The Deep Creek Lake Lion’s Club is pleased to announce the soft opening of Garrett County’s first public disc golf course, The Glades at Meshach Run. This free-use 9-hole course is located at the McHenry Community Park at 1249 Bumble Bee Rd Accident MD. Currently, baskets are installed and tee pads cleared. Permanent signage and turf tee pads are coming soon. Be sure to follow the Course’s Facebook page for news and events: https://www.facebook.com/thegladesdiscgolf

More information at: http://www.deepcreeklions.org/Disc-Golf-Course.html