Autumn Glory Grand Feature Parade Transitions to GOBA

Mar 12, 2021

A popular event of the annual Garrett County Autumn Glory Celebration is changing hands. The Grand Feature Parade, held on the Saturday of Autumn Glory festivities, has been traditionally organized and presented by the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce. After discussion with the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, the Greater Oakland Business Association (GOBA) and the Town of Oakland were given the opportunity to assume responsibility of the parade, at the request of GOBA.
The request came after GOBA conducted a self-evaluation about the benefits that it offers to its membership. The GOBA Board believes allowing GOBA and Town of Oakland to be responsible for the Autumn Glory Grand Feature Parade will provide greater value and return to the members and free up the Chamber to concentrate on what provides greater return to theirs. By taking responsibility of the parade a greater opportunity is presented for investment in Oakland’s community, both professionally through GOBA and personally with the citizens of Oakland.
GOBA President, Fred Gregg stated, “Assuming the administration of the Autumn Glory Grand Feature Parade provides an outstanding opportunity for the Town of Oakland and the Greater Oakland Business Association to showcase our area and the attractive amenities we have to offer. We are dedicated to organizing a parade that our residents, businesses, and civic groups will be proud of and benefit from. We appreciate the assistance and cooperation the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce so generously provided.”
While an official determination on the fate of the parade for 2021 has not been decided, the committee is moving forward with plans. More details will be forthcoming.