Holiday Stays at Railey Vacations

Holiday Stays at Railey Vacations

Holiday Stays at

Railey Vacations

Enjoy your next holiday at Deep Creek Lake

The holidays are a great time to escape to the lake! Whether it’s a long weekend like Memorial Day or Labor Day, or a week-long summer vacation over Fourth of July, there are many opportunities to get away during the year! Coming in for Christmas or Thanksgiving? Many area restaurants and stores provide full take-home holiday meals you can enjoy in your vacation rental home. Check out the Holiday Rentals!

Check out the holiday rentals for a delightful getaway!

Holiday Stays at Railey Vacations, Deep Creek Lake, MD

Fox’s Pizza Den’s Wedgie Wednesday

Fox’s Pizza Den’s Wedgie Wednesday

Fox’s Pizza Den’s

Wedgie Wednesday!

$2.00 OFF

Indulge your taste buds at Fox’s Pizza Den in Oakland, where you can feed the entire family with an array of hand-tossed and gourmet pizzas, mouthwatering strombolis, flavorful hoagies, satisfying wedgie sandwiches, crispy wings and appetizers, fresh salads, and delightful breadsticks and sides. It’s a feast!

Celebrate Wedgie Wednesdays with $2.00 OFF EVERY WEDGIE!

259 North 3rd Street
Oakland, MD 21550

Fox's Pizza Den's Wedgie Wednesday at Deep Creek Lake, MD

Four-in-One Gift Cards!

Four-in-One Gift Cards!

Four in-One Gift Cards!

One stop shopping!

Our gift cards are good for use at all of our sister locations!

Brenda’s Pizzeria is a family-friendly Italian place specializing in New York-style pizza, plus pasta & gluten-free dishes.

Ace’s Run Restaurant and Pub features time-honored comfort favorites and exciting new culinary trends – paired with memory-filled surroundings.

Trader’s Coffee House proudly serves high-quality beverages and food crafted from the finest ingredients in the area.

Brenda’s Pizzeria
21311 Garrett Hwy #2
Oakland, MD 21550
(301) 387-1007

Trader’s Coffee House
21311 Garrett Hwy
Oakland, MD 21550
(301) 387-9246

Ace’s Run Restaurant
20160 Garrett Hwy
Oakland, MD 21550
(301) 387-6688

Four-in-One Gift Cards at Deep Creek Lake, MD

Grantsville Town Park JTF Ice Rink

JTF Ice Rink is planned to open for the season on November 18th. The ice rink is located in Grantsville Town Park near the Ruth Enlow Library. All sessions are limited on the number of participants so we encourage you to buy your admissions in advance but drop-ins are also welcome. Public skates are limited to scheduled times. Please see the schedule below to plan your visit. Follow us on Facebook (JTF1 or jointtrainingfacility1) to get the most up-to-date schedule.

Please be aware that while we have equipment to make ice, it is still an outdoor rink. Ice quality may be affected by certain weather conditions which are beyond our control and could result in unforeseen cancellations.


The Ice Rink has skates for all sizes, helmets, and skate aids for rent. Skates are $2, helmets are $1, and skate aids are $2. Skate aids are only available for children under 48 inches in height. You can bring your own bike helmet. Helmets are not required but encouraged, especially for beginners. Additionally, if you are renting skates, you are required to wear socks. Please wear full-length socks – footies, ankle socks, etc. are not appropriate to protect your skin in skates.


JTF will hold multiple Public Skate Sessions which are $5 per skater plus skate rental. Additionally, we have two special sessions. The Afterschool Skate is Monday through Friday 4-6 PM and rental skates will be included in the session price of $5. Please note; The rink will be closed on Wednesdays, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

JTF Ice Rink can also be reserved for group rentals. Please contact us directly to reserve the rink.

We will have time slots for parties on Saturdays and Sundays. Please book early, slots are limited. The price of parties will include 90 minutes of private ice, a basic skating lesson, and private use of the facility for $250. You can add on food and decoration packages or bring your own food.

One-on-one skate lessons are available during public sessions. Please contact us directly to schedule.

JTF will also have a concession stand on-site in case you get the munchies. We will have a selection of hot items, chips, cookies, candy, hot chocolate, coffee, hot tea, and soda. Outside food and drinks are not permitted during public skate times.


The rink is outdoors in Grantsville, Garrett County. We do not have heaters. The rink will be under the pavilion but it will be open to the outdoor temperatures. If you are coming from lower elevations (Allegany or Mineral Counties), please be aware that temperatures can be 10-15 degrees colder here with strong winds. Please wear multiple layers, hats, gloves, scarves, and heavy coats.


All skaters (adults and minors) are required to have a signed waiver. A new waiver must be completed each season. One waiver per person per season. Parents must complete the waiver for children 17 and under. Click here to fill out a waiver online to save time at check-in. All persons who visit the JTF Ice Rink will need to be aware of and follow the rules set out by JTF for your safety. Click here to view the rules of the rink.

Still have a question? Click here to view our FAQs


Grantsville Town Park JTF Ice Rink - Public Skate Schedule at Deep Creek Lake, MD

This is a general schedule that is subject to change. For the most up-to-date schedule, please see the “Schedule Your Visit” section above. By clicking “Book” you can see the calendar for the season and the available sessions without needing to pay or enter any personal information. We will also post the daily schedule on our Facebook page. Find us on Facebook at JTF1 or jointtrainingfacility1


Escape to Wisp Mountain

Escape to Wisp Mountain

Escape to Wisp Mountain

Escape to Wisp Mountain, a spacious new log home, for a perfect getaway with family and friends. Enjoy cozy indoor spaces, a wrap-around deck with a wood fire pit, outdoor fireplace, and a hot tub. Explore nearby activities like golf, rafting, skiing, and state parks. Please note, no pets are allowed, but a State Park Pass for 1 Car is provided for access to all state parks.

500 Fern Loop Drive

McHenry, MD 21541

Espresso Alley

Espresso Alley

Espresso Alley is an independently owned coffee shop and the first drive-thru coffee spot in Deep Creek! Espresso Alley also delivers! Call or text 301-746-2900 with just a 5-drink minimum.

25901Garrett Highway

Oakland, MD 21541


Fun Time Watersports

Fun Time Watersports

At Fun Time Watersports, we invite you to choose your experience! We offer various Watersports rentals and guided tours so you can get the most out of your lake vacation! We are also an authorized boat dealer.

20294 Garrett Highway

Oakland, MD 21550


August Full Moon 2023: There are 2, Both Supermoons

Sky chart: Green line of ecliptic with Saturn and full moon.
The August full moon happens twice in 2023! The 1st happens on August 1, and the 2nd on August 30-31. This chart shows the August 1 full moon. Like all full moons, it rises in the east around sunset. Bonus! This full moon lies near Saturn.

The 1st full supermoon on August 1

What is it? It’s the first of two full moons of August 2023. And it’s the second of four full supermoons in a row this year. It falls on August 1.

Where and when to look: Look for the bright, round moon in the east shortly after sunset on August 1. It’s highest in the sky around midnight. And it’s low in the west before sunrise on August 2.

Crest of the first full moon in August 2023 falls at 18:32 UTC (1:32 p.m. CDT) on August 1. So the fullest moon – for us in the Americas – comes around midday when the moon is below our horizon. No matter. The moon will still be plenty round and full-looking when it rises around sunset tonight. And it’ll be extra-bright, as all supermoons are (after all, to be a supermoon, the moon has to be extra close).

That’s right. To be a supermoon, the full moon must also be close to perigee, the point in its orbit where it comes nearest to Earth. So in addition to its two full moons, August 2023 also has two lunar perigees.

The first August 2023 lunar perigee happens about 12 hours after the crest of the August 1 full moon. It falls at 6 UTC (1 a.m. CDT) on August 2. Indeed, it comes close enough that Fred Espenak and others list this full moon on their supermoon tables. You might know that a supermoon doesn’t look bigger to the eye alone. But it does look brighter. And sometimes particularly high tides will follow supermoons by a day or so.

The 2nd full supermoon on August 30-31

This will be closest full moon, and, therefore, the largest supermoon of the year. So not only does it appear to be the biggest full moon of the year, but it also appears to be the brightest. However, only truly experienced lunar observers will notice a supermoon appearing slightly bigger. But everyone can notice the supermoon appearing brighter (by 16%) than an average full moon.

Where and when to look: Look for the bright, round moon in the east shortly after sunset on August 30, 2023. It’s highest in the sky around midnight. Conversely, it’s low in the west before sunrise on August 31.

Crest of the second full moon in August 2023 falls at 1:36 UTC on August 31 (8:36 p.m. CDT on August 30). That means that the moment when full moon occurs is near when it rises on August 30.

The second August 2023 lunar perigee happens about 12 hours after the crest of this full moon. It falls at 16 UTC (or 11 a.m. CDT) on August 30.

Diagram: Sun, with orbits of Earth and moon, showing moon on opposite side of Earth from the sun.
At full moon, the sun, Earth, and the moon are aligned with Earth in the middle. The moon’s day side – its fully lighted hemisphere – directly faces us.

Rise in the east, set in the west

For locations outside of the polar regions, all full moons rise in the east close to the time of sunset. And likewise, all full moons set in the west close to the time of sunrise. At full moon, the sun, Earth, and moon are aligned in space, with Earth in the middle. Therefore, the moon is opposite the sun, visible all night. And, the moon’s day side – its fully lighted hemisphere – directly faces us. That is, therefore, why the moon appears full.

August’s first full moon is the Corn Moon, or Sturgeon Moon

All the full moons have names. Popular ones for this August’s first full moon include Corn Moon and Sturgeon Moon. The name Sturgeon Moon recognizes the August peak of the sturgeon fish catch in the waters of North America’s Great Lakes. In addition, we’ve also heard the name Flying Up Moon for the August full moon.

Diagram showing direction to moon from Earth, with Capricornus and Saturn beyond.
The 1st full moon of August 2023 falls near midday on August 1 at 1:32 p.m. CDT (18:32 UTC) and lies in the constellation Capricornus. 

Corn Moon in Capricornus

This August’s first full moon can lie in front of one of two constellations of the zodiac. Most often it’s in front of Capricornus the Sea-goat, and sometimes it’s in front of Aquarius the Water Bearer. As seen from the Americas, the full moon on the overnight of August 1 will be located in the direction of Capricornus.

Green line of ecliptic with full moon and Saturn along it.
The 2nd full moon of this August occurs at 1:36 UTC on August 31, 2023 (8:36 p.m. CDT on August 30). The moon rises in the east just after sunset and lies near Saturn.

August’s second full moon is the Blue Moon

If a month has two full moons, as this August does, the second one is called – by some people – a Blue Moon. So, this August has two supermoons with one of them being the Blue Moon.

Blue Moon meets Saturn

The August 30 Blue Moon will light the sky around it, blotting out all but the brightest stars. This month, however, a point of light shines nearby. Look carefully in the bright moonlight, and you’ll see not a star, but Saturn, the 6th planet from the sun. Also, Saturn lies opposite the sun, as seen from Earth, three days earlier on August 27. In other words, Earth passes between Saturn and the sun. For this reason, astronomers call it an opposition to Saturn.

Diagram showing direction to moon from Earth, with Aquarius and Saturn beyond.
The 2nd August full moon falls on August 31 at 1:36 UTC (August 30 at 8:36 p.m. CDT) when it occurs near sunset in the central part of the United States. It lies in the constellation Aquarius, and is near Saturn.

August’s second full moon, the Blue Moon falling on August 30, lies in the direction of Aquarius. It appears near Saturn. You should be able to pick Saturn out in the moon’s bright glare.

Bottom line: This August sees two full moons, both of them supermoons. The full Corn Moon or Sturgeon Moon happens on August 1, 2023. The second full moon, a Blue Moon, occurs overnight on August 30-31, 2023.

Faith All-In-One Excavation, Hauling and Recovery

Faith All-In-One Excavation, Hauling and Recovery

Offering 30 years of experience in Ground up Construction, Remodeling, Hauling and Excavation.


Deep Creek Daily Notes Blog July 25

Tuesday July 25, 2023: The summertime weather can be unpredictable but if the showers turn out to be sporadic, today can be a good day for a guided hike!

The weather today will be partly sunny. A chance of showers and thunderstorms in the morning, then showers and thunderstorms likely in the afternoon. Highs in the mid 70s and a low of 60. West winds of aroun 5 to 10 mph. The chance of rain is 60%.

The Maryland State Board of Education is meeting at 9:00 AM today, at the Maryland State Department of Education in the 7th-floor State Board Room. The agenda covers deep dive into the proposed prekindergarten sliding scale cost model which is expected to be implemented in fiscal year 2025.

Celebrate the final day of our Christmas in July Deals on Cashmere Clothing! Get ready to save 50% on selected items until the 25th. With the arrival of fall items, now is the perfect time to snag fantastic discounts on summer styles.

Mark your calendar for every Tuesday until September 26 for the Friendsville Farmers Market. The market is conveniently located at the Friendsville Library and operates from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM.

Garrett County Public Schools is hosting an informational session at the Garrett Information Enterprise Center today, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. The session is focused on their recently launched youth apprenticeship initiative and is tailored for businesses. Learn about the program’s benefits for both businesses and young talents within the community.