Garrett County Public Schools would like to recognize and thank Garrett Lake Arts Festival (GLAF) for sponsoring several virtual learning experiences for our students during the 2020-2021 school year. Long standing partners and supporters of Arts in Education, GLAF has worked diligently to ensure our students have access to high quality programs that support the Garrett County Public Schools curriculum. Early in December, all 2nd and 3rd graders experienced Charm City Junction perform Bluegrass style music while sharing about Appalachian Music. Additional virtual programming shared below has occurred since and is planned starting in January 2021.

December 2020: Pirate School: Follow Your Compass (in III Acts) is a madcap, swashbuckling show created and performed by veteran New York actor David Engel for students in grades K-5. Set to an original cartoon-inspired musical score, complete with sound effects, Pirate Professor Billy Bones teaches the finer points of lighthearted mischief and offers up zany lessons on how to stand, talk, sing and laugh like a boisterous buccaneer. Follow Your Compass is a pro-kid, character building, anti-bullying performance that is divided into three sections to provide opportunities for class discussion. Students explore empathy and social courage while learning simple, memorable solutions to conflict resolution. Through humor, the important concepts of respect, responsibility, compassion, and daring are underscored from the unique perspective of joining a pirate’s crew.

January 2021: Pirate School: The Science of Pirates is a refreshing twist on the “Mad Scientist” show meme. Much like the questing citizen-scientists of old, students will explore their own rebellious curiosity for science. How is the wind made? How is a sail like a wing? What are the forces behind a cannon ball’s flight? How did sailors heave and how such heavy objects? How are navigation, time-telling and map-making all math related? This program will engage students in grades K-6 with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math concepts through the lens of seafarers of the past.

January 2021: Janet’s Planet an interactive live virtual experience where students in 4th grade in Garrett County Public Schools will engage in Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math learning by exploring next generation science standards by designing their own crew module and building their own heat shield.

January 2021: National Players will present As You Like It for the Northern and Southern High School students virtually. As You Like It is one of Shakespeare’s comedies; a female-driven story combining classic elements of romance and hidden identities. Banished from the only home she’s ever known, Rosalind assumes the identity of a man and escapes to the Forest of Arden with her cousin Celia and their fool Touchstone. While there, they run into other exiled folks from the old court, including the dashing and brave Orlando, who won Rosalind’s heart prior to her banishment, but he was too tongue tied to express his love in return. Determined to woo him, Rosalind persuades Orlando in her male disguise to win her heart. For only if Orlando loves her in disguise will Rosalind know he truly loves her.

Garrett County Public Schools would like to thank GLAF for sponsoring these very special and high quality programs for our students. For more information about how GLAF supports Arts in Education please visit: .