Arrowhead Cove Sediment Removal Completed

Arrowhead Cove Sediment Removal Completed at Deep Creek Lake, MD

The sediment removal component of the Arrowhead Cove pilot dredging project has been completed. This project removed the accumulated sediment from the lakebed to revitalize the waterbody, provide greater boater access, and preserve the cove’s ecological integrity.

As of January 5, 2024, the contractor Byco Enterprises, Inc., had removed an estimated 11,000 cubic yards of accumulated sediment from the cove. The 11,000 cubic yards of sediment removal was the goal of the contract with Byco and Byco tracked the amount of sediment removed on a daily basis. The overall volume removed is being verified using drone surveys performed by Maryland Environmental Services.

Also of note, the small cofferdam diverting Arrowhead Run, the stream feeding Arrowhead Cove, around the larger main cofferdam was removed on Friday, January 5; this allowed Arrowhead Cove to refill over the weekend. The larger cofferdam was removed Monday and Tuesday of this week.

Arrowhead Cove Sediment Removal Completed at Deep Creek Lake, MD

Byco will now work on stabilizing and reclaiming the staging area on the shores of the cove. Once that area is stabilized, Byco will continue to monitor the area until the spring.

Lastly, trees will be planted and the area will be reseeded once the weather warms. Garrett County Government is working with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to implement Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) planting in late spring.

Garrett County Government, the State of Maryland, property owners, and stakeholders will now begin to evaluate the pros and cons of dredging within Deep Creek Lake. This will inform whether dredging other sediment-impacted coves is a viable and cost-effective strategy.

The State of Maryland provided all the funding for the pilot project thanks in part to the efforts of former Senator George Edwards and Delegate Wendell Beitzel.

For more information about the dredging project at Arrowhead Cove, including project updates and community engagement opportunities, please visit

Please contact Bruce Michael, Garrett County Watershed Coordinator, at or 410-570-4554 with any project-related questions.