Arrowhead Cove Pilot Dredging Project

Arrowhead Cove, at Deep Creek Lake, has been selected as a priority area for a pilot dredging project. The project will involve the removal of accumulated sediment from the lakebed, revitalizing the waterbody, providing greater boater access, and preserving its ecological integrity.

In this pilot dredging project, Garrett County, the State of Maryland, property owners, and stakeholders will evaluate the pros and cons of dredging within Deep Creek Lake and determine if dredging other sediment-impacted Deep Creek Lake coves is a viable and cost-effective strategy for improving water recreation, water quality, and fish habitat.

The State of Maryland has provided all the funding for the project costs thanks in part to the efforts of former Senator George Edwards and former Delegate Wendell Beitzel.

A request for bids has been released and construction is anticipated to begin in late September 2023.

A public meeting will be held to share the analysis, timeline, and details of the project on Wednesday, May 24, 2023, at Garrett College GIEC Room # 111 beginning at 6:00 PM. A virtual option is scheduled as well:
Meeting ID: 871 3855 1348     Passcode: 425629

Key Objectives of the Dredging Project:

Water Quality Improvement: By removing excess sediment, the project aims to enhance water quality, mitigating the effects of sedimentation on aquatic ecosystems and creating a healthier environment for fish, wildlife, and plant species.

Restoring Recreational Access: Dredging will restore the depth and navigability of Arrowhead Cove, ensuring safe and enjoyable experiences for boaters, kayakers, and other recreational enthusiasts.

Sediment Management: The project will employ responsible sediment management practices, adhering to environmental regulations and guidelines to minimize any potential impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

Sustainable Lake Management: The dredging project aligns with Garrett County’s and the State’s long-term vision for sustainable lake management, promoting the preservation of natural resources and ensuring the well-being of both residents and visitors.

Community Engagement: Garrett County encourages community engagement throughout the project, fostering open communication, and providing updates to residents, businesses, and stakeholders to ensure transparency and address any concerns.

The dredging project at Arrowhead Cove represents a significant investment in the environmental health and future of Deep Creek Lake. Garrett County is committed to preserving the natural beauty and recreational opportunities of this community asset.

For more information about the dredging project at Arrowhead Cove, including project updates and community engagement opportunities, please visit

Please contact Bruce Michael, Garrett County Watershed Coordinator, at or 410-570-4554 for questions or more information.