2019 People’s Choice Challenge Leaderboard – PRODUCTS 9-25-19

2019 People’s Choice Challenge Leaderboard

As of September 25, 2019, the following three choices for each category are leading the People’s Choice Challenge in PRODUCTS!

1. Favorite local food:
Donuts from Glazed and Confuzed Donuts
Klotz Sweet Corn
Farmer’s Market

2. Favorite “must try” product:
Pizza @ Brenda’s Pizzeria
Fire on the Mountain Donut @ Glazed and Confuzed Donuts
Cake @ Deep Creek Cakes & Bakes

3. Favorite local burger:
Ace’s Run Restaurant & Pub
Black Bear Tavern and Restaurant
Arrowhead Market

4. Favorite local crab cake:
Dutch’s at Silver Tree
Deep Creek Seafood
Black Bear Tavern & Restaurant

5. Favorite local donut:
Glazed and Confuzed Donuts
The Rolling Pin Bakery
Deep Creek Donuts

6. Favorite local drink:
Vanilla Milkshake @ Englander’s
Rum Runner with Floater @ Honi-Honi Bar
Pub Grub @ Ace’s Run Restaurant & Pub

7. Favorite local ice cream:
Saffiticker’s Ice Cream
Lakeside Creamery
Katie’s Ice Cream

8. Favorite local pizza:
Brenda’s Pizzeria
Mountain State Brewing Company – Deep Creek
Deep Creek Pizza

9. Favorite local steak:
Dutch’s at Silver Tree
The Manor Steakhouse
Ace’s Run Restaurant & Pub

10. Favorite local shopping or retail store products:
Schoolhouse Earth
Oakland Farmer’s Market
High Mountain Sports