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The weather for today will be sunny, with a high near 62 degrees. This evening will be mostly clear, with a low around 50.  A nice day to take a hike or just a walk in the brisk, clear air.

Speaking of taking a walk, if you do, you will see that Monday’s rain and wind knocked a lot of the colorful leaves off of the trees.  But, there is still lots of color all around us, even if on the down-side of peak colors. All you skiing enthusiasts, take note that there will be a winter storm in the northeastern states and that some higher elevations may see some snow this weekend! It will be north of us, but a reminder of what is to come.

You can also walk around the Mountain Fresh Farmers Market in Oakland at the Pavilion today from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm.  Here’s a link to their latest newsletter that includes a list of vendors, their products, health guidlines and even recipes.

Here’s a nice photo composition showing the lake’s clarity and some of the colors in the trees.  Thanks to Eric Williams for sharing with us.  Good job Eric.

eric williams

Clear Water, Clear Skies

The Garrett County Health Department received four additional positive COVID-19 results, bringing the current county total positives to 83. The new positive COVID-19 cases include: two female teenagers, with symptoms, isolating at home; one woman in her 50s, with symptoms, isolating at home; and one male in his 20s, no symptoms, isolating at home. For more information call 301.334.7770 or 301.895.3111.

As mentioned in yesterday’s column, I have the “bobbing for apples” answer for you today.  The reason people don’t bob for pears is because pears do not float! While their cells are similar in size to those in apples, pears are “denser” and have fewer air pockets within, making them heavier for a similar sized fruit.  Now you know.

Good news for all you electric vehicle owners and the environment: Garrett College’s McHenry campus is one of the latest locations in Garrett County and western Maryland to have an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station installed by Potomac Edison, as part of a pilot program to benefit the environment by reducing auto emissions.

The County Commissioners will be holding their next meeting next Tuesday, October 20th, at 4:00 pm.  Here’s the link to the agenda and online information.

Today is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day and, as more people are home with their pets during the pandemic, there are more opportunities for them to “treat” their furry friends. But beware, table scraps and extra treats can add up quickly—just a 5 oz serving of dark meat turkey for your small dog can be the caloric equivalent of an entire 8-inch pumpkin pie for you! Research has shown that 1 out of 3 dogs and cats are overweight. In addition, insurance data reveals that pet owners with overweight pets spend as much as five times more in veterinary expenses than pet owners with average-sized pets.

So Trupanion, a leader in medical insurance for cats and dogs, looked into its database of over 530,000 pets to uncover the common conditions (along with the condition’s avg. cost per year) that dogs and cats may experience from being overweight.  PLUS: 5 Tips to keep your dog or cat in shape.

Common conditions of overweight dogs with average cost per year: Cruciate Rupture: $3,800; Diabetes: $2,000; Lameness & Limping: $400; Arthritis: $300

Common conditions of overweight cats with average cost per year: Congestive Heart Failure: $1,200; Diabetes: $1,300; Lameness & Limping: $300; Arthritis: $300

5 Tips to keep your dog or cat in shape

1. Have your pet assessed by a veterinarian to determine what their ideal weight should be and have them make diet recommendations.

2. Be mindful of the number of treats a pet receives throughout the day. They can easily add up and lead to excessive calorie intake.

3. Make sure your pets get regular exercise and playtime.

4. Designate one person in the house to be in charge of feeding to make sure that the pets are fed the same amount consistently, and that they aren’t accidentally getting extra meals.

5. Don’t give in when they look at you with sad eyes or when they beg.