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Yesterday’s weather had a little of everything, from snow, to freezing rain to freezing fog, but with limited accumulations.  Today’s weather will be partly sunny, with a high near 32 and a low around 23. Limited wind as well, but turning partly cloudy later in the day.

Here’s a photo I took from my porch yesterday morning just for our readers that are out of town to give them an idea of the light snow.  Was actually quite beautiful all around with some areas experiencing icing on trees and shubs and others just snow.

January 28 2020

Early in the day Tuesday

And, oh what a difference a few months can make. Here’s a photo just submitted by Todd Handelman based on my request the other day.  A beautiful photo from the top of Wisp taken this summer.  Thanks for sharing Todd, and keep those photos coming folks.

Todd Handelman

Todd Handelman

I had a great day yesterday facilitating an offiste meeting for Department of Social Services and Community Action Committee, two important organizations that help those in need in our community.  I was VERY impressed, not just by the people and their dedication, but by the complexity and uncertaintly they work with trying to help those in need.  My hats off to them.

The first Choose Civility Discussion of 2020 will be held this evening from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm at the Oakland branch of the Ruth Enlow Library. Stop by and check it out, but please be civil… 🙂