Wednesday December 5

Dec 5, 2018

Yesterday brought us some snow, but with limited accumulations.  Today’s weather will be snow with a high near 27 and a low around 20. Light west wind increasing to 8 to 13 mph in the morning. Total daytime snow accumulation of 1 to 2 inches possible and nighttime accumulation of less than a half inch possible.

The Garrett County Commissioners held their latest public meeting on December 3rd at the Courthouse in Oakland.  The commissioners made the county’s 2019 legislative requests to Senator Edwards and Delegate Beitzel. Here’s a link to the summary of the meeting, including details on the legislative requests.

Lots of activities for children and adults at the various branches of the Ruth Enlow Library today and this evening.  Check them all out on their website.

This one makes me happy to report: After years of stream restoration efforts, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources recently discovered native brook trout returning to once uninhabitable streams in the Casselman River watershed.  The 66-square mile watershed now has reproducing stock due to some special efforts by area experts and citizens.

If you and the family were dreaming of a… LED Christmas, there is a LED Christmas Tree “playing” to the music on 87.9 radio this evening at the Downtown Community Center (Old Armory) from 5:00 pm –  11:30 pm. Just pull up and tune your car to 89.7.  Really.  It’s magic I think and it will continue for additional days.

I just heard that the Dairy Queen in Oakland will be closing for a few days for renovations.  It looks like they will be closing this Sunday at 6:00 pm and reopening on the 14th of December. Better get your Blizzard “fix” before they start their renovations!

There’s a Women’s Networking Lunch at Ace’s Run on Thursday at Noon. Bring lots of business cards and meet other area business and non-profit executives.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources announced yesterday that the second segment of the muzzleoader deer hunting season opens December 15th and runs through December 29th. Hunters may use muzzleloading firearms to harvest sika and white-tailed deer during this season.

Read this short, touching story by Bridget Nolan Manley:

Every year growing up it was the same thing. Dad left super early in the morning. When we got up mom would tell us to go pick food out of the cupboard. We would pick the stuff we hated. Mom would tell us to try again.

We would load up and head to Oakland. We would be listening to my dad on the radio the whole way in. We would get there and start loading food into trucks. We would hand out candy canes to kids. We would sneak into Proudfoots for hot chocolate. My dad passed out hand warmers and Santa hats like they were candy.

It was a real coincidence that my dad would disappear during the food drive and Santa would show up. One year we got wise to who that strangely familiar Santa really was. To this day, though, he denies it and we are all made to promise we believe.

One year my dad asked if I wanted to be “Vanna White” – aka read the list of donations on the radio.
Modestly I said “GIVE ME THAT MIC AND LET’S DO THIS.” Later when I was at college and heard Sheila (my sister) got to be Vanna I was hot with jealous rage.

We grew up, and we could make it home some years. Other years we couldn’t. On the years we weren’t there my dad would send pictures of friends who stopped by, we would get texts saying “I just saw your dad in the street!”

Every year. For forty years.

The money and the food helped people who couldn’t afford a Christmas meal. But it also helped parents feed their kids after they lost a job in January. It helped someone pay a light bill in February. It helped another family not get evicted in March. It helped a traveler reach family in Chicago after getting stranded. It helped a family buy school supplies in September.

It helped, and helps, the people in Garrett County who need emergency assistance all year long.
Every year.
For forty years.
It’s just one morning when the people of Garrett County go through their cupboards or make a run to the grocery store or drive by and slow down with a five dollar bill.

For us it’s always been a family affair. For my dad and Sister Mary Ann and Sister Joanna, the family was Garrett County.

The Fortieth Annual House Of Hope Food Drive is this Saturday in downtown Oakland from 9 AM-12 PM.
You are guaranteed to see every single Nolan in attendance.
Come make a donation. I’ll give you a candy cane.

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