Wednesday August 12

Yesterday was another nice day at the lake, great temperature and sunny.  Today we will have patchy fog before 9:00 am and scattered showers and thunderstorms after 2:00 pm and into early evening.  The temperature will reach about 80 degrees, with a low around 65.  Chance of precipitation is 40%.

Well, on a national level, and no, not talking about Joe Biden’s VP pick, the Big 10 and Pac-12 conferences have cancelled their fall football season. 🙁 They are hoping to play in the spring.  This is perhaps one more sign of a “new-normal” at least for the short- and medium-term. Obviously, player and personnel health is a much more important factor, but I will miss what I am guessing will be no college football in the fall.

The Mountain Fresh Farmers Market will be at the Pavilion in downtown Oakland today from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm.  Check out all the goodies and remember to follow the safety guidelines during the pandemic.  Here’s the scoop on everything.

Lebanese Taverna, a well known restaurant in the DC area is taking orders for pickup at the lake this friday between 2:00 and 2:15 (by the Garrett 8 movies).  I hear they have great food and Jean and I will be ordering for sure.  Something different and a different model for them delivery-wise I am sure.  Here’s the link for more information and to order.

Speaking of new, we are pleased to welcome a new advertiser and business to the lake area.  Ileana Evans, owner of AMS Consulting and Design, is a recent transplant to Garrett County from California and she has a lot of experience in design and construction (residential and commercial).  Give her a call if you need some design help or construction. Here’s her information:

AMS Ad - Ileana

New Business in the County

Don’t forget to check out the Deep Creek Lake Art & Wine raffle for wine and weekends at the lake. The ticket price goes to help GLAF and HART for Animals and the prizes look awesome. Here’s the link.

Here’s an interesting tidbit for readers working from home at the lake and elsewhere.  The Washington Post reports that a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research showed that the average workday lengthened by 48.5 minutes in the weeks following pandemic-related lockdowns and stay-at-home orders and that the number of meetings increased by 13 percent!

And finally today, here’s a historical tidbit: Over the nine years (1933 – 1942) the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) operated in Maryland, there was an average of twenty-one CCC Camps in the state at any given time, with 15 of these camps sponsored by the State Board of Forestry and located in State Forests and State Parks. Yes, there were CCC camps in Garrett County and they also did work in the state parks at the time.  Here’s some cool insight into these regimented, military-like camps in western Maryland along with some photos.



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