Wednesday April 22

Yesterday’s weather was crazy.  We got a late morning thunderstorm with some serious hail. It was preceeded and followed by rain.  See below for a photo I took from my front porch. More fell in the afternoon. Today will be sunny, with a high near 46 degrees and a low of 38. West wind around 15 mph, with gusts as high as 25 mph.

Hail in April at DCL

Hail Storm at the Lake

And, here’s a great photo taken by Mark Richards of the approaching storm.  Thanks Mark.  Nice work.

Incoming storm

Incoming storm

Good news and bad news.  We wanted to do some carry-out from Brenda’s Pizzeria Monday evening and could not get through to them.  I thought their phone line was down but it turns out they were so busy they could not keep-up with the orders! That is good news for Brenda and her great team of folks and makes me happy. They are adjusting their personnel (they always give great service) and will be ready for next Monday.  Glad to see they are getting lots of orders.  Please keep ordering from them and our other local restaurants.

The Deep Creek Lake Lions Club wants your creativity! We’ll mail you a 3D printed panel of Meshach Browning for you to paint/decorate and return to us to be included in a community art project. You’ll also receive a mini-sculpture of him and history brochure/map about Browning that are yours to keep. Great boredom-busting project and you’ll be contributing to a community art project that will be publicly viewable at our Bumble Bee Rd park and trail system. Click this link for more information from my fellow Deep Creek Lake LION Chris Nichols.

On a final note, this Daily Notes is a bit shorter than most. The reason?  I intentionally left out any reference to the pandemic or related problems, statistics and impact.  I needed a break from it and think many readers needed one too.  Be safe, happy and healthy folks…

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