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As I begin these Daily Notes early Monday evening it is increasingly cloudy, but no sign of rain yet.  Today (Tuesday) weather will be mild, with a high around 47 degrees and a low around 41 degrees and it looks like it will be rainy a good part of the day.

Here’s a nice photo taken by Dee Dave from the Glendale bridge.  Note the way the reflection of the clouds appear to swirl in the water.  Thanks Dee!

Glendale Bridge

From the Glendale Bridge

Things are quieter at the lake now that the Deep Creek Dunk weekend has concluded and a lot of the second home owners and visitors have gone home.  Here’s a photo of the crosswalk between Uno’s and the Garrett 8 Cinema/Church lot saturday afternoon before the dunk.  Lot’s of folks (I was first in line on my side and note line of cars in oncoming lane) and the police did a good job of keeping things flowing.

Dunk 2020

Getting to the Dunk

The next public meeting of the county commissioners and community presentation will be held on Monday, March 2 at Garrett College starting at 5:30 pm.  Here’s the agenda and more specifics. I heard there was a standing room-only crowd at the last meeting!

Good “stuff” going on for children at the various branches of the Ruth Enlow Library today.  After or before the library event of your choice, you can check-out Taco Tuesday at Black Bear Tavern or Ladies Night at Sipside.  Check out our events calendar for details.

Get your Celt on!  There’s a fundraiser at Uno’s on March 17th to help raise funds for the Celtic Festival.  Always a great and popular event, please try to support it if you can.  We’ll post as an event with more specifics as soon as we can in the near future.