Tuesday April 7

The weather yesterday was wonderful.  Today’s weather includes the chance all day for showers and/or thunderstorms.  The high will be near 62 degrees today and the low will be about 53.

I keep hearing stories of people “chipping-in” and helping out others in need during the COVID-19 crisis. Well, I happen to live with one.  She has been making masks for many friends and family members all over the country and also working, with her Oakland Civic Club colleagues, to make masks for local instiutions such as Hospice and Dennet Road Nursing Home.  Here she is in our kitchen showing off some of the face masks she and her buddies in Civic have made.  Thanks ladies!

Jean Masks

Helping Out During COVID-19 Crisis

The Garrett County Department of Solid Waste & Recycling has announced that, due to the COVID-19 crisis, plastic recycling will be suspended. Limited resources have forced the contracted recycling company to no longer accept the #1 and #2 plastics for recycling. Once the roll-off container currently available at each of the county collection sites is filled, the plastic recycling will be suspended until further notice.

Our friends at First United Bank & Trust reached out yesterday to remind people to beware of fraudsters using the COVID-19 crisis to scam consumers.  First United offered the following online suggestions and if you want to learn more about the current types of fraud, check out these helpful resources:


Garrett County Health Department yesterday reported a fourth positive COVID-19 case in the county.  The fourth case is a woman in her 20s who traveled outside of the area. She followed the Governor’s guidelines and has self-isolated since her return, and is currently recovering at home. Total COVID-19 testing numbers for Garrett County residents as of Monday, April 6th, are as follows:

154 – specimens processed

4 – total positive results for Garrett County residents

100 – negative results for Garrett County residents

50 – pending tests results

2 – of the positive cases have recovered and have been released from isolation

1 – of the positive cases remains isolated at home

1 – of the positive cases remains hospitalized

NOTE: The recommendation to wear a cloth face covering was recently added to a growing list of measures the public is asked to take to slow the spread of COVID-19.


Around 68 percent of Americans who observe Easter say their Easter spending will be affected by the coronavirus this year, according to WalletHub’s new Coronavirus Easter Survey, released yesterday. Here’s some key stats from the study:

  • Worshippers don’t want to stay home: 56% of Americans who went to church on Easter Sunday last year say they will go to church for Easter this year, if it is open.
  • Republicans are more likely to attend services: Republicans are almost three times more likely than Democrats to attend church on Easter this year, if it is open.
  • Pandemics make us appreciate family and health more: The coronavirus has made Americans most grateful for their family (40%), followed by health (29%) and then freedom (13%).
  • Traditional Easter spending is down: Almost half of Easter-celebrating Americans are skipping out on candy, new outfits and Easter foods this year, in contrast with prior years.
  • COVID-19 itself is scarier than financial troubles: 68% of Americans are more worried about the coronavirus than the U.S. economy.
  • Many Americans think lockdowns should last: About half of Americans believe that non-essential business, restaurants and travel should not restart for at least 3 months.


Have a great Tuesday folks…


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