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The weather today will be mostly sunny with a high near 46 and a low around 33. A chance of snow showers tonight with little or no snow accumulation expected.

Looking ahead to tomorrow we are expecting some accumulation; maybe as much as 4-6 inches of snow within the next 48-hours.

Marvin Geovany Mejia shared his lake view from this weekend with us!

Marvin Geovany Mejia Views at Deep Creek Lake, MD

A great article from Ohio shares the Deep Creek Lake area by season.

Congratulations to Clark Frazee for being selected as the random winner in February’s “Where Am I?” contest. Have you made your guess for March?

FYI: The reduction (from 6% to 5%) but industry expansion (including professional services) to sales tax that was proposed to help cover the costs of the Kirwan Commission’s educational overhaul has not been approved by lawmakers. There is still a sales tax expansion to certain services up for consideration in this session.

From the Garrett County Board of Education: “This morning, March 5, 2020, at 12:35 AM, Maryland State Police notified Garrett County Public Schools that a bomb threat against Northern High School had been reported to them. At that time GCPS emergency personnel were immediately deployed to the school to coordinate with law enforcement. The police K-9 units arrived to scan the high school to ensure the safety of all students and staff. At 5:30 AM the entire school was cleared. There is no need to adjust start times or bus schedules for today. There will be an increased police presence at Northern today and tomorrow.”

I am on the board of the United Way of Garrett County and I know first-hand the work that is done here in Garrett County to help folks out of poverty. Many of us have more than one cause that is close to our hearts but UW focuses on helping LOCAL families with matters related to education, financial stability, and health. Currently, we are only at 50% of our campaign goal so, if you are so inclined, we are still collecting donations.