Yesterday turned into a really nice day at the lake. Today’s weather will be sunny, with a high near 76 and a low around 59.

The jury is still out on the pet contest winners … if you forgot to send us a pic of your pet, get it in as soon as possible and we will feature the winner tomorrow!

The movie Despicable Me 3 is playing for free at the Mountain Fresh Pavilion in downtown Oakland this evening starting at 8:00pm.

DJ Dubya will be running Karaoke night at Black Bear Tavern this evening from 7:00pm – 11:00pm or Check out Little Bird, performing at MoonShadow this evening starting at 8:00pm.

Here’s two photos from the recent Flipside Sounds vinyl store grand opening:

Flipside Sounds Grand Opening in Oakland, MD

Flipside Sounds in Oakland, MD - from Garrett Chamber






Take a minute to read Sarah’s recent editorial cover story about participating in the Garrett County Gran Fondo a few weeks ago.

We have decided that we will begin an email newsletter called “Keeping Up with the Times” to be mailed out about once a week. The email will be short but will contain a summary of news and events and occassional special offers. If you’re interested, please sign-up.

VetNow, a collection of resources for veterans, is now available to website users of Western Maryland libraries. The free online service offers live tutoring and job coaching, along with test prep help, resume templates, interview tips and more. Library users can find the VetNow link on the databases page of the Ruth Enlow library website:​ . They will be asked to create a free login.

Volunteers from the Washington, D.C. Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, devoted much of June 20th to pulling invasive species from the forest as part of their summer camp.  They pulled over 700 pounds of the invasive plants that day! Thanks for helping our local bio-diversity.

The 2018 Garrett County’s Most Beautiful Person contest is now accepting nominations through August 24th. The contest is for those who have enriched the lives of our citizens through volunteer acts of kindness and concern and is awarded by the County Commissioners. Nomination forms are available at  or by calling Carol A. Riley-Alexander at 301.334.8970.

Music at Penn Alps is presenting pianists Susan Zoller and Michael Lundien as part of their Young Artists selection of 2018. The two will be performing this Saturday at 7:30pm.

I know, I know, you were dying to read something about how to be a good septic system owner.  So here are some tips direct from the EPA:

  • Have your system inspected every three years
  • Have your tank pumped when necessary, generally every three – five years
  • Avoid pouring harsh products (e.g., oils, grease, paint) down the drain
  • Discard non-degradable products (e.g., floss, cat litter) in the trash, not the drain
  • Keep cars and heavy vehicles parked away from the drain field and tank
  • Follow the manufacturer’s directions when using septic cleaners and additives
  • Repair leaks and use water efficient fixtures to avoid system overload
  • Maintain vegetation near the system to ensure roots do not block drains
  • Use soaps and detergents that are low-suds, biodegradable and phosphate-free
  • Prevent system freezing during cold weather by insulating vulnerable system parts

Well there you go and now you know!

Lastly, here’s a recent report from last evening: