Thursday January 23

The weather today will be cloudy with a high near 42 and a low around 27.

Holly Slusser Kern captured this gorgeous sunrise lakeside this morning at Deep Creek Lake — note there is some ice on the lake in the photo. Maybe it will freeze completely over? Our snowmobile riding and ice fishing friends can hope!

Holly Slusser Kern Sunrise at Deep Creek Lake, MD

Will we see some difficult weather? … they say, “red in the morning, sailors take warning” …

AccuWeather shared this map of total expected snowfall for the weather event Friday – Sunday. Looks like it won’t be too much here at the Lake.

AccuWeather Total Snowfall Map

One of our advertisers, Double Oak Farms, shared their son’s “Be the Change You Want To See In The World” project with us — in the month of January, David has chosen that all money he raises will go towards the purchase of honeybees — so far he raised money towards the purchase of 5 pigs, 2 goats, and a sheep that were donated to needy families. Learn more here.

Here’s an older article from the website Only In Your State — “the snowiest town in Maryland” is Oakland, MD.

Garrett County may be facing a budget crisis related to state education spending mandates if legislation from the “Kirwan Commission” is passed as it is currently presented. Other counties in Maryland are facing a similar situation — one delegate proposed a solution.

Mountain Maryland PACE is happening this week — see the live stream at

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