Southern Garrett High School Alumni Association Hall of Fame Criteria

Jun 2, 2022

Did you know that your Southern Garrett High School Alumni Association has a Hall of Fame?

The purpose is to both recognize the outstanding achievements of selected alumnus, and provide support and inspiration to current students.

You can nominate individuals who you believe meet the following criteria:

1/A nominee must be a Southern graduate, having spent at least two years at the school.
2/The nominee must have been graduated from Southern for at least ten years.
3/A nominee must have made outstanding contributions to Southern while a student, achieved broad recognition for excellence in his or her chosen field, and have brought acclaim to Southern through his or her endeavors.

Nominations may be submitted in writing, and sent to: Southern Garrett Alumni Association, 345 Oakland Drive, Oakland, MD 21550. Over the coming weeks, we will feature the dozen inductees to the Hall of Fame.