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The Maryland Department of Natural Resources was awarded a Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) State Highway Administration Federal Aid Grant to supplement funding to restore the Casselman River Bridge. These additional funds will help the department to fulfill one of its mission statement objectives, which is to preserve the state’s historic resources.

This project will consist of the restoration and repair to the bridge structure, wall repairs, stone removal and repair, repointing and pinning of the abutments/spandrels and barrel, epoxy injection of cracks in barrel stones, and repairs to a major portion of the roadway decking. The repairs are necessary to prevent failure of the bridge. The project’s limit of disturbance will be restricted to the area around the bridge and below the abutment slopes to prevent sediment and erosion into the stream. The picnic area will not be impacted by this project. However, access onto the bridge will be closed off during construction so that the decking can be repaired.