Pet Horoscopes

Aug 23, 2021

What do the stars have lined-up for your pets? highlights significant days in August based on the stars and provides horoscopes for each sign.

August is an important month for our furry friends. While cats already know that International Cat Day is on August 8th, it’s worth reminding the dogs that National Dog Day occurs on August 26th. These are meaningful days for both species, in which pet parents across the nation (and beyond) have the opportunity to reflect on just how much their pets mean to them. Here’s what your pets can expect this month:
The Aquarius full moon on August 3rd is a time of reflection, where you can assess your goals for the last full month of summer.
When Mercury enters Leo on August 4th, you’ll decide to embrace your inner diva and live large. After all, you work hard, so you should totally play hard.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters tender Cancer on August 7th. If you’re being trained or learning some new tricks, you may feel a little more sensitive, but try not to take any negative feedback you receive too seriously during this time.
The rebellious planet Uranus starts its retrograde journey on August 15th in Taurus. This is an excellent time to take a walk on the wild side and show off your personality—people (and other pets) will take notice.

The Leo new moon on August 18th is an ideal time to bring your dreams to reality. Meow it out and bark it up—when it comes to your aspirations, there’s a lot of possibility for you during this time.

The Sun enters Virgo on August 22nd, allowing your analytical mind to make meaningful and necessary decisions about mundane day-to-day life (feeding, napping, playing, walking, etc).

If your pet was born in August, read on for their horoscopes:

Leo (July 23-August 22)
You’re feeling yourself this month. But, let’s be honest, when are you not? You feel confident, which will make you want to be the poster pet for your special recognition holiday this month. After all, there’s no other cat or dog who’s finer than you are. Go on, take the stage while posing for cameras or any other time the opportunity arises: The world needs your confidence, pep, and love of life right now.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)
You may be a tad paranoid on August 4th because you’re feeling like your besties are barking behind your back. Let me reassure you: this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Your BFFs would never say anything negative about you: They love you! No spoilers, but the energy you’ve been picking up on might have something to do with a special event they could be planning for your birthday. Stand down, relax, and let yourself be delighted by the surprises to come.