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I hope you all had a very nice Valentine’s Day.  I sure did.  My wife Jean and I went for a nice swim at the CARC, then got some take-out sandwiches at Brenda’s Pizzeria.  Happy belated Valentine’s Day to all of our readers.

The weekend had some minor precipitation, which included more localized freezing rain and/or freezing fog.  With all that and the snow, it is truly a winter wonderland out here now. I have seen lots of folks pulling over off the road to photograph the trees, fields and the frozen lake. Here’s a photo of a small evergreen showing the snow, ice and frozen fog on its branches.

ice storm mike 2-13-21

Everything is Coated and Beautiful

Today we can expect patchy fog, snow, freezing rain, and sleet likely before 1:00 pm, then a chance of freezing rain between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm, then a chance of freezing rain and sleet after 5:00 pm. Patchy freezing fog between 9:00 am and 11:00 am. Otherwise, cloudy, with a high near 32 degrees. Limited accumulations expected during the day. This evening we expect freezing rain and sleet before 3:00 am, then freezing rain, possibly mixed with snow and sleet. Low around 28.

Please be careful on the roads and when you first walk outside your house today, especially on steps.  There is a high likelihood of a thin coat of ice on things. This appears to be shaping up to be an active week throughout the country.  Check this AccuWeather link to see some of the potential events and which ones will impact us here on the mountain.
Happy Presidents’ Day to you all.  Here’s a link to some interesting facts and figures related to President’s Day as developed by the US Census Bureau.
Last Wednesday I mentioned I was scheduled to receive my COVID vaccine up at the business park on Bumble Bee Road in McHenry.  Well, I went and I got the shot.  In addition to feeling safer due to the shot (my second one is scheduled for March), the process was really simple, fast and easy.  The health care workers and all involved were friendly, professional and engaged, making the experience about perfect.  So, a BIG shout-out to all involved at the McHenry site and throughout the County, especially Ms. Dee Kennell, RN, who gave me my vaccine.  Here’s her photo after giving me my shot. And, for the record, I didn’t even cry! Get yours scheduled as soon as you can…
dee kennel mike got vaccing 2-10-21

Dee Kennell, RN

Governor Larry Hogan provided an update on Maryland’s vaccination initiatives as well as other COVID-19 items during a press conference Thursday.  In Garrett County, COVID-19 vaccination appointments with the Garrett County Health Department are already fully booked for February. Allotments for March are currently being reviewed and vaccination clinics are being planned for March. Registration links will be available on beginning in late February. At that time, appointments will be open for March clinics for Garrett County residents not yet vaccinated from Phase 1A and 1B, as well as Garrett County residents who are at least age 65. Here’s the whole press release with some good information in it.

Here’s the schedule for remaining winter Mountain Fresh Farmers Markets that are held at Simon Pearce.

Have a great Monday dear readers…