Lake Drawdown for Arrowhead Cove Dredging

Lake Drawdown for Arrowhead Cove Dredging at Deep Creek Lake, MD

The POA has received the following message from Bruce Michael The Deep Creek Lake and Watershed Coordinator for the Garrett County Government:

Garrett County has signed an agreement with Brookfield to lower the Deep Creek Lake water levels 2456.5′, which is the middle of the rule band at the end of November. I hope to have the signed and fully executed agreement by Brookfield later today or tomorrow.

Brookfield will begin lowering the water levels later this week with a goal of reaching the 2456.5′ by November 17. Lowering the lake levels will help facilitate the dewatering of Arrowhead Cove and the installation of the cofferdam. Byco Enterprises, Inc. anticipates they will begin the cofferdam installation the week of November 20. Complete dewatering of Arrowhead Cove will take place through the last week of November. Mechanical dredging of the cove will begin in early December.

Getting Brookfield to agree to lower the DCL water levels for the dredging project has been a long process. We greatly appreciate the support of Policy Review Board, the Property Owners Associated and the Watershed Foundation in our negotiations with Brookfield. We will keep you posted on the dredging project status as it moves forward.

We will keep members advised of further updates.

Bob Sutton