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Sorry for a bit of a late post this Friday morning.  We have had a system problem the past few days, so I will make it “short and sweet” for this weekend.

The weather continues to be brisk, but is actually pleasant due to the nice sunshine. Friday will be sunny and have a high of 40 degrees and a low of 22, with some gusty weather possible. Saturday will be sunny, with a high of 34 and a low of 20 and Sunday will continue to be sunny with a high of 38 and a low of 26.  Looks like a good time for us locals to get the car washed to get the weather-related salt off.

Here’s a photo taken by Sarah the other day.  It almost looks like an impressionist painting from Monet.  Nice work Sarah and that is why we pay you the REALLY BIG buck$! Seriously, a nice and interesting photo 🙂

The Gloaming Hour

The Gloaming Hour at DCL

If music is your thing, there’s plenty of acts around town at Sipside Lounge, Black Bear Tavern, Moonshadow and Mountain State Brewing Company this weekend. There’s also a Lion’s Club “chicken and biscuits” fundraiser, a play at a local school and the big Garrett Regional Medical Center gala this weekend.  You can see these and other events here.

Have a great weekend folks!