Cases of COVID-19 Increasing in Garrett County; Up to 117 Cases

By Garrett County Joint Information Center Team

The Garrett County Health Department received additional positive COVID-19 results that bring the current county total to 117.

The new positive COVID-19 cases include a female from 0-9 years, a female from 10-19 years, a male in his 20s, a female in her 30s, two females and a male in their 40s, a female and a male in their 50s, and a female in her 80s. All of the individuals are being advised to isolate at home or to seek immediate medical attention based on their signs and symptoms.

“Contact tracing continues to reveal that the current surge in cases in Garrett County is primarily spreading through family, friends and social gatherings,” said Health Officer Bob Stephens. “Too many people are letting down their guard because they are comfortable with their close social circle and they are not maintaining the distancing and face covering use that is known to reduce the spread.”

For more information call 301-334-7770 or 301-895-3111.