2020 People's Choice FAVORITES

2020 Deep Creek Time’s People’s Choice Challenge FAVORITES


*The following listing is NOT limited to establishments that advertise with DeepCreekTimes.com.
This list reflects businesses that were chosen as FAVORITES by the general public.


Products: Must Try
Glazed & Confuzed Donuts
JG’s Pub Cheese Steak Hoagie
Brenda’s Pizzeria Pizza
FireFly Farms Cheese
Wisper’s Bar & Grill Pretzel Antipasto
JG’s Pub Crab Dip

Products: Locally Produced Product
Glazed & Confuzed Donuts
High Country Creamery Feta Cheese
Firefly Farms Cheese
Lavender Farm Hand Sanitizer

Products : Donut
Glazed & Confuzed Donuts
Rolling Pin Bakery

Products: Local Food Creation
Lakeside Creamery Ice Cream
Chef Larry Lee’s Too Thick to Squeeze BBQ Sauce
Pine Lodge Fries
Glazed & Confuzed Fire on the Mountain Donut
Glazed & Confuzed On the Rocks Donut
Ace’s Run Salads

Products: Shopping / Retail
Outdoor Elements at Wisp Resort
Bear Creek Traders
Cashmere Clothing Co.
Mountain Park Shop
Rossignol Concept Shop
FireFly Farms
White Barn Boutique
High Mountain Sports
Book Mark’et & Antique Mezzanine

Products: Drink
Short Story Brewery Red Ale
Anything on Tap at Vagabond Taproom
Short Story Brewery Backbone Sunset
Cornucopia’s Cafe Hot Coffee w/Homemade Salted Caramel Creamer
UNO’s Lemon Drop Martini
Ace’s Run Drinks
Honi-Honi Drinks
DC’s Bar & Grill Spiked Hot Chocolate
DC’s Bar & Restaurant Cinnamon Tequila Toddy
Pine Lodge Steakhouse Saloon Drinks

Products: Burger
Backbone Tavern Burger
Perkin’s Burger
Arrowhead Market Burger
Long Branch Saloon Bacon Burger
Ace’s Run Burger
DC’s Bar & Grill Burger
Executive Chef Larry Roby Rent-A-Chef Burger

Products: Icecream
Katie’s Ice Cream at Deep Creek
Devler’s Ice Cream
Lakeside Creamery

Products: Crab Cake
DC’s Bar & Restaurant
Dutch’s at Silver Tree
Ace’s Run
Trout’s House Seafood
Pine Lodge Steakhouse

Products: Steak
Dutch’s at Silver Tree
Executive Chef Larry Roby Rent-A-Chef
Dutch’s at Silver Tree
DC’s Bar & Restaurant
Pine Lodge Steakhouse

Products: Pizza
Brenda’s Pizzeria
Anything at Deep Creek Pizza
Deep Creek Funzone (Formerly Smiley’s)
Wisper’s Bar & Grill – Devil’s Drop Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Tomanetti’s Pizzeria and Italian Eatery White Pizza


Services: Non-Profit
Garrett Mentors
Garrett County Community Action
Dove Center
Garrett Trails
Landon’s Library
Deep Creek Lake Lion’s Club
Cindy’s Fund
Foster Appalachia

Services : Lodging Company
The Suites at Silver Tree
Will O’ the Wisp
The Lodge at Wisp
Inn at Deep Creek

Services : Community Service
Dove Center
Oakland Civic Club
Garrett County Community Action

Services : Wedding Vendor
The White Barn at Lucas Farm
Brodak’s Banquet Hall
Sound Fusion
Twin Tails
Wisp Resort
Farmhouse Fete
Mountain Flour Bakery

Services : Outdoor Outfitter
Deep Creek Outfitters
High Mountain Sports

Services: Art or Music Venue
Deep Creek Pottery
Backbone Tavern
Maggie Moran
ABPH Art Studio

Services: Other
Dixon Electric
Crosscut Creations
Norman Networking and Promotions
Tee’s Me Tees

Services : Neighborhood Bar
Wisp Resort
JG’s Pub
Pine Lodge Steakhouse
Short Story Brewing
Ace’s Run
Backbone Tavern

Services: Bank / Credit Union
First United Bank & Trust
First People’s Community Federal Credit Union
Clear Mountain Bank

2020 Services : Car Repair / Dealership
Patriot Chrysler Dodge Jeep and Ram
Helbig’s Repair Shop
Autoland of Accident
Team One Chevrolet
Lakeview Automotive
Team One


Professionals: Hospitality
Phil @ MoonShadow
Josh Wotring
Pamela Warnick
John McCracken
Ron Hawkes
Jeremy Bittner

Professionals: Others
Railey Realty
Jon Bell
Larry E. Smith
Kevin Liller
Julie Mead
Lindsay Thomas
Eric Crawford 
Jean Thomas
Chrisopher Gwinn

Professionals: Community
Brenda McDonnell
Christina McKenzie
Terah Crawford
Laura Fike
Connor Norman
Larry E. Smith

Professionals: Financial
Gene Flinn
The Rodeheaver Group
Brian Boal

Professionals: Fitness Instructor
Jennifer Cristophel
Mr and Mrs Fit
Jessica Ferguson
Lindsay Thomas
Allison Boyd
Kenzie Smith
Christine King

Professionals: Beauty
Max Liller
Tasha DeWitt Savage
Brandi Krause
Amy Canan
Stephanie Cornish
Kerri Speicher

Professionals: Performer
Jason Shaw Music
Second Wind
The Remedy
The Terah Crawford Band

Professionals: Photographer
Jessica fike
Jacqie McKenzie
Gabe Dewitt
Karlo Gesner
Katie Brenneman

Professionals: Legal
Justin Gregory
Liz Georg

Professionals: Insurance Agent
Rob Michael
Ed Panther
Andrea Shaffer

Professionals: Dentist/Hygienist
Dr. William Yant
Dr. Elaine Allen
Dr. Lindsay Jenkins

Professionals : Doctor / Nurse
Dr. Charles Walch
Dr. Becky Crowell
Kenny Hawk
Allegany Hearing and Balance
Dr. Savopoulos


Experiences : Golf Course
Oakland Golf Course

Experiences : Hiking Trail or Bike Trail
Swallow Falls
Deep Creek State Park
Trails at Wisp Resort

Experiences : Lake View
Uno’s Lawn
Top of Main Street at Wisp Resort
Will O’ the Wisp

Experiences : Golf Course
Waterfront Greens
Thousand Acres
Oakland Golf Club
Fantasy Valley Golf Course
Lodestone Golf Course

Experiences : Local State Park
Deep Creek Lake State Park
Swallow Falls State Park
Herrington Manor State Park
DCL Discovery Center

Experiences : Outdoor Activity
Canoeing at Deep Creek Lake State Park
Spider Monkey Aerial Adventure
Skiing/Snowboarding at Wisp Resort
Hiking at Wisp Resort
Deep Creek Lavender Farm
Golfing at Fantasy Valley Golf Course
Gem Mining at Wisp Resort’s Mountain Park
Adventure Sports Center International
Chipmunk Challenge
Watching Terrain Park Rail Jams at Wisp Resort
Golfing at Lodestone Golf Course
The Mountain Coaster
Biking at Deep Creek Lake State Park
Hiking Anywhere
Pontoon Tours at Deep Creek Lake State Park
Kayaking at Deep Creek Lake State Park
Swallow Falls Hiking
Archery at Wisp Resort’s Mountain Park

Experiences : Indoor Activity
Team Bingo & Team Trivia
Schoolhouse Earth
Wisp Resort Escape Games
A Thirst For Art

Experiences : Rainy Day Activity
Garrett Cinemas
Wisp Resort
A Thirst For Art

Experiences : Historic Site
Funland Miniature Golf
Transportation Museum
Cassellman Bridge
Drane House