2020 FAVORITE: Connor Norman

2020 Deep Creek Times Favorite Professional: Connor Norman

Connor has lived in Garrett County for the last 15 years and, during the day, serves the community as the Senior Center Operations Manager for Garrett County Community Action. By night, Connor owns and operates Norman Networking and Promotions (NN&P) offering an array of entertainment and audio promotion based services. He’s experienced with live game show entertainment, event MC/DJ services as well as professional voice over services. He loves Jazz, sandwiches, and sometimes a hike. Connor is a two-time winner of Garrett County’s 2019/2020 Diplomat of the Year Awards, and winner of the 2020 Garrett County Volunteer of the Year award.

“My favorite thing about Deep Creek Lake would have to be the community. You’d be hard-pressed to find a person in Garrett County that wouldn’t give you the shirt off their back. The open, kind, and wonderful nature of Deep Creek Lakes inhabitants, businesses, and attractions is, and always will be, my favorite!”