Wednesday January 24


A little snowy today with daytime accumulations of about an inch and high temperature near 28 degrees; tonight will still be snowing and could see accumulations of 1-2 inches with a low of 19 degrees.

Tonight is Pasta Night at Ace’s Run at Will O’ The Wisp. They always do a great job and if you show your valid lift ticket when you order you can get $2 off Ace’s Apparel.

Click here for an interesting fact about millennials and one that can have lasting impact on the economic vitality of the Garrett County region and the country.

Good news from the Friends of Deep Creek Lake: the funding for Arrowhead Cove pilot dredging project has been included in the Governor’s Budget! There is $1,150,000 allocated in the Waterway Improvement Fund in response to a grant application submitted by the County. This line item must be still be approved but we will know outcome by end of the Legislative Session, in early April. Congratulations to all that worked so hard on this.

Want to curl-up with a nice book on these cold winter nights? Ruth Enlow Library has a great program to motivate you.

The Maryland Department of Commerce is entering the third year of its “Best is the Standard” strategic plan and they have asked for help connect with additional stakeholders to gauge how they—and Maryland state government as a whole—are doing. Just click on the link if you have not already completed.

Workforce Fairness is a non-profit that provides up-to-date information regarding the new minimum wage and salary history laws and we thought we would share. We have NOT vetted their posts/site for accuracy, but we know our readers are savvy and can judge for themselves. If you have questions see a lawyer such as Noonan and Noonan.

Here is a neat photo that was shared with us on Instagram by Randy K; it was taken along Bumble Bee Road.

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