13 of the Best Skinny Dipping Spots in Maryland

Originally published by My Dating Advise.

To celebrate the warmer weather, we have ranked the best skinny dipping spots in the US and found that Maryland is home to 13 of the best skinny dipping spots in the US.

Here are 13 of the best skinny dipping spots in Maryland

MyDatingAdviser.com recently conducted a comprehensive study of over 800 US beaches and identified 13 top spots across Maryland for skinny dipping. From secluded coves to picturesque lakes, Maryland offers an array of unique experiences for adventurous individuals seeking unforgettable vacation moments.

MyDatingAdviser’s comprehensive study compared over 800 beaches in the US across various categories, including beach quality, safety, weather, and accommodation options. Maryland has proven to be a perfect destination for adventurous individuals seeking unforgettable skinny-dipping experiences.

Here are 13 of the best locations for skinny dipping in Maryland:

  1. Sandy Point State Park (Annapolis): Picturesque park with sandy beaches and designated swimming areas.
  2. Chesapeake Beach (Chesapeake Beach): Quaint beach town with sandy shores and lively atmosphere.
  3. Deep Creek Lake (McHenry): Scenic lake surrounded by mountains, ideal for swimming and boating.
  4. Cunningham Falls State Park (Thurmont): Park with a stunning waterfall and refreshing swimming holes.
  5. Point Lookout State Park (Scotland): Park with a historic Civil War site and scenic beachfront.
  6. Greenbelt Park (Greenbelt): Park with camping facilities and natural swimming areas.
  7. Breezy Point Beach (Chesapeake Beach): Beach with shallow and calm waters, perfect for swimming. Location type:
  8. Assateague Island (Berlin): Sandy beaches with wild horses and abundant wildlife.\
  9. North Point State Park (Edgemere): Serene park with hiking trails and peaceful swimming spots.
  10. Elk Neck State Park (North East): Park located on a scenic peninsula with various swimming areas.
  11. Hart-Miller Island (Essex): Island with pristine beaches and abundant birdlife.
  12. Pocomoke River State Park (Snow Hill): Scenic river offering calm waters for canoeing and swimming.
  13. Rocky Point Beach (Essex): Popular beach with beautiful sand and calm waters.

Here are some tips for having a fun time skinny dipping:

  1. Be respectful and have discretion. Try not to traumatize any small kids. We agree the human body is beautiful, but give people the opportunity not to look at you if they don’t want to.
  2. Don’t forget sunscreen and bug spray. You don’t want to get a sunburn in that spot that usually doesn’t see the light of day.
  3. Don’t skinny dip drunk. A little liquid courage could help you get naked. But if you are completely drunk, swimming isn’t safe and could land you in a dangerous situation.
  4. Beware of leeches. With a bathing suit, they are one thing, and when you are stark naked, it’s another.
  5. Make sure your friends are comfortable. If everyone is happy to strip down, then go for it.
  6. Keep your eyes on people’s faces. Interact as you usually would and keep physical contact to a minimum.
  7. No photos. If only celebrities and politicians could learn this too.
  8. It’s not a big deal. Get over yourself and have fun. Remember that not even swimsuit models look like that in real life. So, relax and enjoy being naked.