Maryland-Delaware Vacation Rentals: Your House, Your Cabin, Your Way

In a world dominated by big vacation rental listing websites, one woman decided to take matters into her own hands. Frustrated by the lack of control and personal connection offered by the industry giants, she embarked on a mission to create a platform that puts property owners and managers back in charge. Thus, Maryland-Delaware Vacation Rentals was born. In this article, we delve into the inspiration behind the creation of this innovative property platform and explore the vision of the company, along with its unique approach to vacation rentals in the Deep Creek Lake area.


A Quest for Control and Personal Interaction


The story of, initially, Virginia Vacation Rentals began when the founder, a seasoned vacation rental owner herself, experienced a disheartening incident with one of the major online platforms. Owner Bunnie Riedel received an email stating that she wouldn’t receive payment until the renter for her property checked in, contrary to her established policies. Seeking clarity and assurance, she contacted customer service, only to be met with uncertainty and a lack of commitment to honoring her requirements.


Vacation rental owners depend on deposits to hold the reservation and each owner has cancellation policies in place to protect us. So, I called the site and explained that and asked if I paid for a higher subscription, could I keep my policies as they were, a deposit at rental and the remainder 30 days in advance of the arrival? I was told “Yes.”


So, I asked the person to send me an email confirming that policy. She said, “No, I can’t confirm that as we change our policies all the time.” I got off the phone and told my husband “We can’t use that online site anymore.”


Feeling insulted by the growing demands and control exerted by the big rental sites, she decided it was time to create an alternative that would empower property owners and managers. Virginia Vacation Rentals emerged as a platform where owners could retain control over their rental policies, deposits, and personal interactions with renters. By building a personal connection, owners can avoid misunderstandings and foster long-term relationships with their guests. Shortly thereafter, West Virginia properties were added and Maryland and Delaware weren’t far behind.


Deep Creek Lake: A Perfect Fit


The Deep Creek Lake area is a natural choice for Maryland-Delaware Vacation Rentals to extend its services. With its vibrant tourism scene and year-round attractions, Deep Creek Lake is a sought-after destination for families and friends looking to create lasting memories. The area’s appeal lies in its ability to offer diverse experiences, catering to a wide range of interests and family vacation dynamics.

By serving the Deep-Creek Lake area, Maryland-Delaware Vacation Rentals enables property owners and managers to enjoy freedom and independence in managing their rentals. Emphasizing the motto “Your House, Your Cabin, Your Way,” the company serves as an advertising outlet rather than an intermediary, allowing property owners to showcase their offerings with ease. With two affordable subscription levels and discounts for property managers listing multiple houses, Maryland-Delaware Vacation Rentals ensures that the bottom line remains intact for its clients.


Setting Itself Apart


In a market filled with vacation rental management companies, Maryland-Delaware Vacation Rentals stands out for several reasons. Firstly, it grants property owners and managers control over their listings, policies, and communication with guests. Unlike larger platforms, there are no rating systems or penalties for running businesses the way owners see fit.


While Virginia Vacation Rentals doesn’t directly manage properties, the founder offers personalized advice to property owners, helping them present their rentals in the most appealing light. By building strong relationships with clients and providing ongoing support, the company ensures that property owners’ needs are met every step of the way.


Effective Marketing and Attracting New Guests


To attract new guests, MarylandDelaware Vacation Rentals employs various marketing strategies. Collaborating with tourism boards and local chambers of commerce, the company actively promotes tourism in the area. Social media platforms like Facebook are utilized to highlight individual properties and showcase the area as a destination fit for any occasion. Additionally, the company engages with potential guests through email campaigns and advertising on different channels, including radio, print, and will soon be advertising on outlets such as Hulu.


Ensuring Guest Satisfaction and Handling Complaints


While Maryland-Delaware Vacation Rentals acts as a listing site, it recognizes the importance of addressing guest complaints and issues promptly. In the rare instances when a guest contacts the company with a complaint, they are promptly redirected to the property owner or manager. By maintaining clear boundaries and prioritizing the autonomy of owners and managers, Maryland-Delaware Vacation Rentals fosters an environment where property professionals have the opportunity to handle guest concerns directly. This approach allows for personalized resolutions and maintains the personal touch that is often lacking in larger vacation rental platforms.


Going Above and Beyond for Guests

Maryland-Delaware Vacation Rentals prides itself on providing exceptional service to both property owners and guests. While the company’s primary role is to connect guests with the perfect vacation rental, there are instances when they go above and beyond to enhance the guest experience.


During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, one memorable incident stands out. A desperate mother contacted Virginia & West Vacation Rentals, expressing her need to escape and find a place to stay, even offering to bring her own disinfectants. The founder empathetically listened to her concerns, offering guidance and suggesting suitable areas for her to explore. This simple act of compassion and understanding brought comfort to the mother and exemplified the company’s commitment to guest satisfaction.


Plans for Growth and Expansion


At the heart of Maryland-Delaware Vacation Rentals is the belief in empowering property owners and managers to run their businesses on their own terms. The company values the personal connections and individuality that make each vacation rental unique. By providing a platform that supports their autonomy, MarylandDelaware Vacation Rentals allows property owners and managers to showcase their properties, establish their rental policies, and interact directly with guests. This philosophy of trust, freedom, and personalization sets  Maryland-Delaware Vacation Rentals by Owner apart from other vacation rental listing companies.


Maryland-Delaware Vacation Rentals  is now looking to expand its presence in the Deep Creek area. The goal is to attract more property owners and managers in the region, offering them a user-friendly platform that prioritizes their needs and desires. By building a strong network of property listings and maintaining high-quality standards and an emphasis on no homeowner commissions and no guest booking fees, Maryland Delaware Vacation Rentals aims to become the go-to choice for vacation rentals in Deep Creek Lake.

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