Wednesday February 26

Seems like we have had a number of days this season with a mix of snow and rain and today/tonight will fit into that category.  We will start with some rain in the afternoon, with a high of 51 degrees, but then get to a low temperature of around 22 degrees. We will have evening winds 8 to 16 mph, with gusts as high as 28 mph. The rain during the day will turn into a mix and then go over to snow after midnight, with an accumulation of one – three inches possible.

The weather is part of a larger storm system coming to the northeast and we will be getting our precipitation as part of a “southern extension” (note the light blue “finger”) coming down right through Garrett County.  Here’s what it looked like last evening as predicted and mapped by AccuWeather.

Winter Storm

Weather System


The Department of Natural Resources has announced the winner of the Arbor Day Poster art contest and it was a student in Sykesville that took home first place. Pretty impressive.  Wish I had that kind of talent.

Arbor Day 2020

MD DNR Arbor Day Poster First Place

There’s a home school program this afternoon up at the Grantsville Library starting at 2:00 pm and led by noted naturalist and great speaker, Kevin Dodge.  The session is called: Salamanders and Frogs and Snakes, Oh My!

The Garrett County Chamber of Commerce announced that The Rooster’s Nest will be hosting the next Business After Hours on Thursday, March 12th from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm at their 12336 National Pike location in Grantsville. I know Sandy, the owner, who was one of my (very bright, hard-working) students at Garrett College and she has put a lot of effort into achieveing her dream of owning her own restaurant. I will, unfortunately, be out of town that day, but stop by if you can and tell her Mike sent you. She deserves our support.

Finally, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources is supporting a joint resolution proposed by the Maryland General Assembly that will move the state closer to controlling the invasive blue catfish population by establishing commercial harvest.  Native to the Mississippi River basin, blue catfish were introduced to the mid-Atlantic in the 1970s. Since then it has exploded in population and range, and can now be found throughout Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River watersheds. Blue catfish are a significant threat to the ecosystem because of their rapidly increasing populations and capacity to consume significant amounts of native species.  They are NOT at Deep Creek Lake, but thought I would share as this is important to all Marylanders.

Tuesday February 25

As I begin these Daily Notes early Monday evening it is increasingly cloudy, but no sign of rain yet.  Today (Tuesday) weather will be mild, with a high around 47 degrees and a low around 41 degrees and it looks like it will be rainy a good part of the day.

Here’s a nice photo taken by Dee Dave from the Glendale bridge.  Note the way the reflection of the clouds appear to swirl in the water.  Thanks Dee!

Glendale Bridge

From the Glendale Bridge

Things are quieter at the lake now that the Deep Creek Dunk weekend has concluded and a lot of the second home owners and visitors have gone home.  Here’s a photo of the crosswalk between Uno’s and the Garrett 8 Cinema/Church lot saturday afternoon before the dunk.  Lot’s of folks (I was first in line on my side and note line of cars in oncoming lane) and the police did a good job of keeping things flowing.

Dunk 2020

Getting to the Dunk

The next public meeting of the county commissioners and community presentation will be held on Monday, March 2 at Garrett College starting at 5:30 pm.  Here’s the agenda and more specifics. I heard there was a standing room-only crowd at the last meeting!

Good “stuff” going on for children at the various branches of the Ruth Enlow Library today.  After or before the library event of your choice, you can check-out Taco Tuesday at Black Bear Tavern or Ladies Night at Sipside.  Check out our events calendar for details.

Get your Celt on!  There’s a fundraiser at Uno’s on March 17th to help raise funds for the Celtic Festival.  Always a great and popular event, please try to support it if you can.  We’ll post as an event with more specifics as soon as we can in the near future.

Monday February 24

We had some nice weather for “dunk weekend” the past few days. The weather for today will be mild, with a high of 46 degrees and a low of 36 degrees.  There’s a slight chance of rain late afternoon and a good chance of rain after 10:00 pm.

Here’s a photo taken yesterday from the top of the Meadow Mountain trail of Route 495.  On a clear day, you can see forever and definitely worth the 1.5 mile hike up…

Jean Tumbarello Photo of Meadow Mountain Trail in Garrett County, MD

View from the top of Meadow Mountain Trail

And, now we go from the serene to the not so serene.  Here’s a great photo taken by Brian Trehan of participants as they were just about to enter the lake for the dunk on Saturday.  They look a bit chilly, but at least there was no ice.  Thanks for sharing Brian!

Brian Trahan Deep Creek Dunk 2020 at Deep Creek Lake, MD

Just Before the Dunk, by Brian Trahan

Had a nice dinner with partner Sarah and our respective spouses at Alpine Lake in Terra Alta Saturday evening, which was Rib Night in their lounge. Sarah took this “action photo” of a rack of ribs just before we annihilated it.  The ribs were great and the price was right too.

Alpine Lake Resort Rib Night Special

On a sad note, local resident, Civic Club member, and generous volunteer Pat Shelton passed away Saturday evening. Pat was a super nice, giving, retired school teacher that was a big contributor to the lake area.  She will be missed by many and in many ways.  Our condolences go out to her family and all her many friends.

Have a great Monday folks…

Wednesday February 19

Yes, it’s already Wednesday, otherwise known as “hump day,” folks and it’s all downhill (skiing) from here to the end of the week!  In the meantime, the weather for today will start out mostly cloudy and then become mostly sunny.  Temperatures will range from a high of 34 degrees to a low of 18 degrees, with a moderate Northwest wind.

If you or someone you know has sub-standard or no Internet service at your home in Garrett County, or if you just want to let County Government know what the speed of your broadband connection is, there is a portal they set up for you to go and answer some questions online.  You can check it out here.

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) is hosting a Cocktails and Convos night at Mountain State Brewery this evening starting at 5:30 pm.  They also have discounted memberships available for those that attend and wish to join AAUW.

It’s Open Mic Night at Sipside Lounge this evening from 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm. Sounds like fun, so stop on by at Sipside in Oakland.

This is an impressive project here in Western Maryland and I will certainly try to attend: Mountain Maryland Tech Network members and guests are exclusively invited to tour Western Maryland Works! Join us on Tuesday, March 10th from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm at Allegany County’s newest entrepreneurial endeavor, Western Maryland Works, a full-service makerspace, training facility, and small-business incubator project that provides access to state of the art technology and equipment to help you make ideas into reality. Attendees will learn more about this exciting new opportunity for entrepreneurs in the region and receive a tour of the facility. There’s complimentary hors d’oeuvres while networking with other MMTN members; guests are welcome! Register here.

Tuesday February 18

The weather for today will be wet, with showers likely from mid- morning onward.  The high will be near 47 degrees and the low, in the wee hours, will get down to around 26.

Here’s a photo my wife took as we were driving out to Morgantown yesterday around Noon.  It is from 219 right across from Brenda’s Pizzeria. I thought the blue sky and the blue water contrasted well with the somewhat stark Winter foliage.

Photo of the lake on 219

The Lake and Blue Sky

And, oh what a difference a week or so makes.  Here’s a photo submitted and taken by Ann Stuck from just off Glendale road that she took after a recent ice storm. It was actually daylight out.  That is the sun in the photo. Thanks Ann!

Phot after ice storm

After the Ice Storm
By: Ann Stuck

Don’t forget that Garrett College’s All-in Business Plan Writing Competition starts today.  Great for any want-to-be entrepreneurs and there’s mentoring and coaching along with workshops and also a chance to win a $1,000 prize for best business plan.  Contact Jodi McClintock at 301.387.3142 or at ASAP for more information.  There’s still time to sign-up.

For learning of a different sort, and for a different age group, the Oakland Ruth Enlow Library is holding their monthly Young Readers’ Book Club this afternoon from 4:00 pm -5:00 pm.  This is a book discussion group for children in grades six and up, with books distributed and learning and fun for all.  Check this link for more info.

Finally, don’t forget that the County Commisioners are holding their Public Meeting at the Grantsville Volunteer Fire Department this evening starting at 5:30 pm.  Here’s the link to the agenda.

Monday February 17

I hope you all had a nice Valentines Day.  The weather over the weekend was nice too.  The weather for today will be a bit hazy to start, then mostly sunny with a high near 42 and a chance of rain and snow showers between midnight and 2:00 am, with the day’s low around 32 or so.

Happy Presidents’ Day folks. There has certainly been an uptick in activity and “traffic” at and around the lake this weekend with lots of visitors and second homeowners in town.

Happy Presidents’ Day

The origin of Presidents’ Day lies in the 1880s, when the birthday of president Washington was first celebrated as a federal holiday. In 1968 Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Bill, which moved a number of federal holidays to Mondays. During debate on the bill, it was proposed that Washington’s Birthday be renamed Presidents’ Day to honor the birthdays of both Washington (February 22) and Lincoln (February 12).  Following much discussion, Congress rejected the name change. After the bill went into effect in 1971, however, Presidents’ Day became the commonly accepted name, due in part to retailers’ use of that name to promote sales and the holiday’s proximity to Lincoln’s birthday. Source: Encylopedia Britannica

The Ruth Enlow Library system is now offering portable mobile hot spots for checkout. For a period of time, patrons will be able to have internet access in their own homes through WiFi and tethering using these handheld rechargeable devices. Up to 10 devices can be connected at one time.Two hotspots will be available in Oakland and one in Friendsville. Stop by for more information and sign-up today to check out a hot spot!

Ruth Enlow Library is expanding by 28,000 titles! Allegany County libraries are joining Garrett County’s Polaris catalog, so customers anywhere in Western Maryland will be able to find and request items from any of the partner counties with just a click of a button. Due to this expansion, there will be three days, March 2-4, when Polaris will be unavailable. There will be no access to our online catalog, patron accounts, or Marina during this time. You will be able to check out items on these days (please bring your physical library card). The library also requests that you not return items on these dates, since the library will be unable to process the returned items until their system merger is complete.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources just reported final deer harvest numbers this season.  Hunters took almost 80,000 antlered and non-antlered deer this year, up just a bit from the prior year.  Weather impacted Garrett County numbers, which were down a bit from the previous year.  Here’s all the details, by county.

This one got me thinking about Deep Creek Lake.  Maryland DNR just placed some artifical, recycled fish habitat in a lake at Cunningham Falls State Park and I wonder if we have any opportunity for that at DCL?  I have not heard of anything like it before here in Garrett County.  Check out the article and let me know if you know of any artificial habitat at the lake here.

Have a great Monday folks…

Wednesday February 12

Gee, more rain yesterday and fog as well.  The weather for today will be… MORE RAIN! Yes, rain is likely before 5:00 pm, then rain and some snow likely, then rain again in the evening, including wind, with gusts as high as 34 miles per hour.  Temps will be in the mid 40’s to the low 30’s. No real accumulations expected.

Had a very nice time at dinner with fellow Lions last evening. We hosted a dinner for our blind skiers after they spent a day on the mountain. Great kids and families and a wonderful time had by all.  Ed King even led us all in a funny song on sausage making (who knew):

Blind Skiers

LIONS Blind Skier Dinner

Jodi McClintock at Garrett College is looking for a few more participants for the All-In: Business Plan Writing Series and Competiton.  Classes officially begin next Tuesday, February 18th.  Participants will learn how to create a practical business plan, conduct market and competitor analysis, understand offer development, build financial and operating plans and design a go-to-market roadmap.  Plus, all participants get a mentor and also receive valuable start-up coaching.  If you (or someone you know) are considering starting a business, call Jodi ASAP at 301.387.3142 or email at

Dedicated reader and regular Deep Creek Lake visitor, Clark Frazee, contacted us to share the recent passing of his uncle, Mason Wainwright Callis, Jr.  Mr. Callis was a great fellow, loved the lake area and knew and positively impacted a number of folks in the community.  I wanted to mention the passing of Mr. Callis here and thank Clark for sharing.  Condolences to family and friends.

It’s even raining trout! DNR just yesterday placed over 2,400 rainbow trout in the Casselman river, with more planned stockings around the state and in Garrett County. You can check the scehdule and even a map to see where the next batch will “land.”

OK, as a reward for you for reading today’s Daily Notes, here’s an opportunity to win some lift tickets. Send an email to with “Lift Tickets” in the subject line by this Sunday, midnight. Tell us your favorite season at and around the lake and why, for a chance to win.  The randomly chosen winner will win two lift tickets that you can use any time THIS season. That’s it. We’ll report the vote counts and winner next week.

Tuesday February 11

After a rainy Monday, the weather for today will be rainy, with showers, mainly before noon, then a chance of rain after 2:00 pm. High near 43 and a low around 26.

Don’t forget that today is municipal election day for citizens of Friendsville.  Polls are scheduled to be open from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.   Running for one of the three open council seats are incumbents Pamela Humberson, Edward Kelley and Julia Sines. Also running is James Hook. Good luck to the candidates and be sure to vote if you are a resident of Friendsville.

It’s Ladies Lounge Day at Sipside Lounge in Oakalnd.  They have 25% off wine, unlimited chocolate and prizes.  Check it out. After, or before you stop for a drink, consider going to Southern High School to watch the Boys Team take on Notre Dame starting at 6:00 pm.

The Board of County Commissioners have announced the agenda for their next public meeting which will be held a week from today (February 18th). Some good topics on the agenda and note it starts at 5:30 pm and will be held in the Grantsville Volunteer Fire Department and not the courthouse in Oakland!

Review request: For anyone interested in Meshach Browning (or pioneer-era western MD history for that matter), please take a look at the draft tri-fold brochure in this post’s images below and let the Lions Club know if you see any issues, especially with historical accuracy. These brochures will be distributed as part of a community-based art project, and then probably the remainder provided to the visitor’s center and at the Meshach Browning trailhead. Comments can be done via Facebook messenger or email Chris Nichols at! 

Lions Club Brochure

Lions Club Brochure

And, here’s the map for the reverse of the brochure.  Interesting…

Lions Club

Map for M.B. Brochure

Monday February 9

After a snowy weekend, the weather for today will be rainy, with a high near 44 and a low about 40. There will be a southwest wind 11 to 18 mph, with gusts as high as 34 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New precipitation amounts between a quarter and half of an inch possible.

All-in, we probably had snow of 3-4 inches from Friday through Sunday morning.  Here’s a photo I took for you off my front porch Sunday, just to give out-of-towner’s a sense of the accumulations (after some melting):
Sunday 2 9 20

After Weekend Snow

First United Bank & Trust recently donated $5,600 to the Garrett County Habitat for Humanity.  This donation was collected during the 2019 Christmas Charity Tour of Homes sponsored by First United.  The mission of the Garrett County Habitat for Humanity is to build safe, adequate houses for those in need who live or work in Garrett County, Maryland.  Nice job to all involved. Here’s the photo of the check presentation:

Tour of Homes

Tour of Homes Check Presentation


The state just posted the agenda for the Board of Public Works meeting in Annapolis on February 19th.  Here it is for those interested.

On Thursday, March 5th, at 6:30 pm, Dr. Deborah Landau, Conservation Ecologist with Maryland/DC Chapter of The Nature Conservancy, and Appalachian Laboratory fire ecologist Dr. Mark Cochrane will present “Wildfire in Appalachia: Fire history of the Central Appalachians and implications of a changing climate to our forests’ health” as part of the Watershed Moments Community Learning Series. This presentation will be held at the Appalachian Laboratory in Frostburg, Maryland, and is free and open to the public. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. Doors open at 6:00 pm. Contact Rhonda Schwinabart, Coordinator of Outreach, at 301.689.7102 or visit

Happy Monday folks!

Wednesday February 5 2020

The weather for today will be a bit messy.  Rain, freezing rain, and sleet are likely before 3:00 pm, there’s then a chance of rain between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm, then a chance of freezing rain after 5:00 pm. The high will be near 33, with wind gusts later in the day approaching 25 miles per hour.  Rain and a chance of freeqing rain overnight, as the temperatures start rising toward the morning.

February is National Pet Dental Health Month and HART is offering free dental screenings/assessments for pets and is giving a 15% discount on any work scheduled within 60 days of a pet’s free assessment (call HART for specifics). Sounds like a good deal. I may even try to sneak in and get some work done on my mouth (sorry Dr. Yant)!  Here’s a photo of HART’s volunteer of the month, Beth Luers.  Beth and her husband are both friends and they both volunteer at HART.

Beth Luers

HART Volunteer Beth Luers

Just heard that the Maryland Park Service is upgrading its online reservation system with new features that will make it easier for customers and park staff to use. The new version of the online reservation system will be available to customers February 13th and will be unavailable February 6th – 13th. Once the new version is installed, the reservation site will be mobile-responsive, adjusting to any screen size, and featuring a more modern look and feel.

Have a problem in your life?  Well, there may be a class that is able to help you find a solution. The Oakland branch of the Ruth Enlow Library is holding their “Be a Problem Finder” class this evening at 6:00 pm. Students will learn to pinpoint the root causes of issues in their life, and how they can take the steps needed to fix them.  It will be presented by speaker Jerry Frigaard!

Speaking of problems, I’m glad I’m not the person “responsible” for the technical glitch in tabulating the Iowa Caucus results. Talk about pressure. I hope it gets worked out and truly finalized by the time you read this Wednesday morning.  We live in interesting times, which makes me all the happier to have a home and life in the mountains of good ol’ Garrett County.

If you have been reading my columns here for a while, you know I like to “infuse” little tidbits and info-bits every once in a while, especially related to the state of Maryland and travel in general.  I just read a report of a study of over 1,000 upscale hotels all over the world on their most stolen items.  They are, in decreasing theft-rate order: towels, bathrobes, hangers, pens and cutlery.  Interestingly, while not a high rate of theft according to the study, people do try to steal hotel mattresses. One hotel in Italy even had the grand piano in their lobby stolen. Really! Here’s the link to the findings.

Finally, here’s a nice message and update on the potential transition of the Savage River Lodge.  Mike and Jan are (surprisingly) nearing 70 and after 25 years of seven-day weeks, are considering the next stage of their life.  Good people and a very nice place.  We wish them luck however and whenever a change comes their way.


Tuesday February 4 2020

The weather for today will be wet, with showers forecast.  Expect a low of 35 and a high of 51, with wind up to 15 miles per hour.

Had a nice trip to Annapolis yesterday where I had a confirmation hearing in the Maryland State Senate as a new member of the Maryland Venture Fund Authority.  I was appointed by Governor Hogan.  I am honored and will continue to do my best to support small business and small business formation in our state and especially our mountain region. There’s lots of opportunity out there for entrepreneurs.

Garrett Lakes Arts Festival (GLAF) is holding a “Dough Rai$er” today at Uno’s at the lake from 11:00 am – 11:00 pm.  If you like Uno’s or just want to try them out and do a good deed, print out the coupon and present to your server and 20% of your food check will go to GLAF.

Here’s a cool photo of Wisp back in the day.  I found it on a historic photo site where it was uploaded by Offlake Realty.  Note the vehicles and the limited trees…

Wisp Resort

Wisp Back in the Day

Did you see that whale surfacing at the lake the other day?  OK, we all know there are no whales at the lake, but I also know many of our readers are keenly interested in the environment and bio-diversity/mass reductions of species.  Here’s a brief piece on efforts between the US and Canada to save the North Atlantic Right Whale population.  Check it out if you have a minute. We can all make a difference at many different levels and in many different ways.

Hunters reported taking 82 wild turkeys during Maryland’s 2020 winter turkey season, which was open statewide January 23rd – 25th. Garrett and St. Mary’s counties had the most birds harvested. Here’s the details.

I hope you all have a better day today than those wild turkeys did! Gobble the day up…

Monday February 3 2020

Yesterday was a nice, bright day, with a lot of the snow that fell Saturday night, and previously, melted.  Today will be partly sunny, with a high near 56 and a low around 43. West wind 9 to 16 mph, with gusts as high as 30 mph, and with a chance of showers in the wee hours of the evening.

Please don’t forget that you can get the complete, multi-faceted weather summary and forecast on our weather page.  We believe it is the most complete weather report for around the lake-area as we use a number of sources, including National Weather Service reports and the local weather station at Garrett College.  Click here to check it out.

The lake has not completely frozen over yet, but some of the coves had ice during the recent cold spell.  A number of hardy ice fisher(wo)men ventured out Saturday and there were even a few left on Sunday afternoon.  Here’s a photo of the fishermen along Cherry Creek Cove taken by my wife on Saturday. It’s a bit fuzzy but it shows the level of activity there.  Please be very careful out there as there is plenty of open water on the lake.

Ice Fisherman

Ice Fishing at Cherry Creek Cove

Happy Black History Month folks.  First proposed in 1969 by educators at Kent State University, and then practiced at various educational and other institutions, it was then recognized by president Gerald Ford as part of the Nation’s bicentennial celebration.

After months of training, the Office of the State Fire Marshal Bomb Squad is prepared to deploy its newest bomb disposal robot – the new Telerob Telemax PRO. The robot will be placed into service and ready to mitigate possible explosive hazards as of today. It cost $400,000 but that is a small price to pay if it can safe just one life.

Hungry?  Don’t forget that today is Half-Price Monday (for pizza) at Brenda’s Pizzeria.  There are those and other specials to be found on our events and dining specials pages.  They are just a click away. Tell them Mike at Deep Creek Times sent ya!

The Board of County Commissioners is holding a public meeting this afternoon starting at 3:00 pm at the County Courthouse.  Here’s the agenda.

Wednesday January 29

Yesterday’s weather had a little of everything, from snow, to freezing rain to freezing fog, but with limited accumulations.  Today’s weather will be partly sunny, with a high near 32 and a low around 23. Limited wind as well, but turning partly cloudy later in the day.

Here’s a photo I took from my porch yesterday morning just for our readers that are out of town to give them an idea of the light snow.  Was actually quite beautiful all around with some areas experiencing icing on trees and shubs and others just snow.

January 28 2020

Early in the day Tuesday

And, oh what a difference a few months can make. Here’s a photo just submitted by Todd Handelman based on my request the other day.  A beautiful photo from the top of Wisp taken this summer.  Thanks for sharing Todd, and keep those photos coming folks.

Todd Handelman

Todd Handelman

I had a great day yesterday facilitating an offiste meeting for Department of Social Services and Community Action Committee, two important organizations that help those in need in our community.  I was VERY impressed, not just by the people and their dedication, but by the complexity and uncertaintly they work with trying to help those in need.  My hats off to them.

The first Choose Civility Discussion of 2020 will be held this evening from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm at the Oakland branch of the Ruth Enlow Library. Stop by and check it out, but please be civil… 🙂

Tuesday January 28

As I write these Daily Notes early Monday evening we are getting some frozen precipitation. The weather for Tuesday calls for a slight chance of flurries and freezing drizzle before 7:00 am, then a chance of snow showers. The high for the day is expected to be 32 degrees, with a low in the evening of around 23 degrees.

Be on the lookout for the Blind Skiers every Tuesday and Wednesday at the Wisp for the next four weeks Jan 28-29, Feb 4-5, 11-12 and 18-19. They just need a little extra space going down the slope and we have the operators slow the lift when they are getting on and off. There’s still time to help out as a guide if you’re a skier (or a snowboarder, to take pictures). Contact Deep Creek Lake Lions on their Facebook page or call Joey at 301.616.4586.

Lions Club

Lions Club Blind Skiers

Moving from the slopes to the summer, I heard Bill’s Marine Service is now accepting reservations for boats for the 2020 season.  They can be reached at 301.387.5535.

The American Red Cross will be in Oakland at the American Legion Hall on February 7th and at the Garrett County Health Department on February 14th. You can find more information at or you can call to schedule an appointment.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources plans to release over 77,000 trout into Garrett County waters in the Spring.  Here’s a link to the latest schedule, by location and showing amounts planned for each location. With that many fish out there even I should be able to catch one!

I know all of our readers have been on the edge of their seat waiting for this news: reports that Iconic SweetHearts conversation candy hearts are back this year, but production issues apparently plagued their new manufacturer. They reviewed a sample of the new SweetHearts and found: 65% had no markings on them at all – completely blank, 24% had unintelligible misprints, 8% had partially printed phrases, Only 3% had full, well-placed phrases. Well, regardless, they probably still taste good and anyway, I’ll be at the lake with my sweetheart on Valentines Day…

Hey there amateur photographers.  If you have a nice photo of the lake-area or a lake-area activity that you would like to share, please send it in to Sarah and I and we will do our best to post it in Daily Notes. You can submit to Thanks in advance…


Monday January 27

Well, the big weekend winter storm was pretty much averted, with just some rain and then snow on Sunday.  Today there’s a chance of snow showers, then a chance of rain and snow showers between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm, then a chance of snow showers and freezing rain after 4:00pm. The temperature will range from a high near 33 to a low of 26.  Not much accumulation is expected but it could be hazardous, so please watch out for ice and slick roads.

We’re asking for your thoughts in a quick survey – and you can win 2 Wisp Lift tickets!

Here’s a video posted on the PACE site that shows the speakers Friday morning at the breakfast.

The Deep Creek Lake Lions are holding their annual boat auction on Saturday, May 16. at 1:00 pm at the Lion’s Club dog park next to HART on Bumble Bee road.  If you have a boat you don’t want any more, please consider donating to this good cause.  If you are looking for a “new” boat, this is also a great place to find something.  Boats at all price levels are offered and the proceeds go to support our local Lions non-profit efforts to help the community.  Please consider.  Here’s a snapshot from last year’s auction:

DCL Lions Boat


The Northern and Southern girls basketball teams play this evening up at Northern High School.  Come on out and support your favorite team or just cheer on our local student athletes and enjoy a low cost, wholesome evening out.

Here’s nine wise winter weather tips from Mutts Mulligan of Turf Mutt about winter weather and our dogs.  Simple, practical and I thought I would share them:

Bring Outdoor Dogs Inside –The safest, most comfortable place for your pet during the winter months is inside with you. Remember, if it’s too cold for you, it’s also too cold for your pet. Offer a warm, dry place to rest inside. A pet bed works perfectly.

Know Your Fur Facts – With the exception of the fur in between their paw pads, which you should trim to prevent painful ice balls from forming, do not cut your dog’s fur in the wintertime. Pets naturally develop winter coats to protect them from the harsh elements. Also, remember that not all dogs are created equally well for winter conditions. Smaller dogs, those with shorter hair, older pups, and pets who are sick might need winter attire like a coat or protective booties to be comfortable outside. For very frail pups and young puppies who have a hard time regulating their body temperature, you will want to limit exposure to necessary breaks and very short walks.

Keep Them Clean & Dry – Keep a dry, clean towel near the door to wipe down your pet’s legs, belly and paws after each outdoor excursion. Also, check your dog’s ears, paws and tail for any sign of frostbite, which shows up as discolored skin, swelling or blisters. Signs of hypothermia include shivering, shallow breathing, weak pulse and lethargy. If either of these conditions appears, take your dog to a warm, dry place and contact your vet. Finally, ice-melt is helpful for humans, but it can hurt your furry friend by irritating their skin and can cause serious illness if ingested.

Wear Reflective Gear – Shorter winter days mean daily walks are often done after the sun sets. In addition to choosing a walking route that is lighted and keeping your dog close to you when walking on the street, you can offer extra protection by getting your pet a reflective collar, leash or coat. Reflective clothing is a good idea for the humans in your pack, as well. Lighted headgear not only helps drivers see you, it also makes it easier to clean up after your dog when you’re on a walk in the dark.

Be Careful Around Ice – Slipping on the ice accumulated on sidewalks and roads can cause muscle strains and other injuries. For those who live near a pond or lake, extra precautions need to be taken to keep your dog – and yourself – away from frozen bodies of water. Even if it looks solid, you or your pet could fall through thin ice.

Be Food & Water Wise – Winter air is dry, so make sure your pet has unlimited access to fresh, clean water to drink. Monitor their food and snack intake since indoor pets – like humans – will burn fewer calories during the winter months.

Operate Outdoor Power Equipment Safely – Using a snow thrower can make quick work of snow removal and create a path to your pet’s relief area. But always keep kids and pets inside, away from the equipment when it is in operation. Having a portable generator on hand can help your whole family stay safe and warm during a winter power outage. Use it safely by keeping the generator dry and placing it outside, away from windows, doors and vents.

Be Prepared for Emergencies – When you are preparing your family’s winter emergency kit, don’t forget the family pet. You should include enough food, water and medication to last five days.

When All Else Fails, Have Fun Inside – As much as Mutt Mulligan or your dog might love romping in the snow, there will simply be days when winter weather makes getting exercise outdoors impossible. Stave off boredom by teaching your dog a new trick or working on an obedience lesson inside. Treat toys and puzzle games provide both mental and physical stimulation until the weather improves.

Have a great Monday folks.