Friday January 31, Saturday February 1, Sunday February 2

The weather today will be cloudy with a high near 41 and a low around 32. A chance of rain and snow showers before 8pm, then a chance of snow showers. Little or no snow accumulation expected. Saturday will be a chance of snow showers before 1pm, then a chance of rain and snow showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 36 and a low around 29. Sunday will be a slight chance of snow showers, mixing with rain after noon, then gradually ending. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 41 and a low around 37.

We’d like to take a moment to welcome Lenina and the Lake Pointe Inn as the newest Deep Creek Times advertisers!

Lake Pointe Inn is a 10-room bed and breakfast located lakefront on Deep Creek Lake. An adults-only resort, Lake Pointe offers all the comforts of a fine bed and breakfast with award-winning appointments in the arts and crafts tradition. Light snacks in the afternoon and a complimentary glass of wine are included.

Lake Pointe Inn Winter Photo

Justin Berk, a Maryland meteorologist, shared this topographic map of Maryland and (second photo) of Deleware, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. These maps were 3-D printed by Virginia Tech grad student Peter Forister.

Average winter snow:
McHenry = 104”
Baltimore = 21”
Ocean City = 12”


The MD DNR reports St. Mary’s and Garrett counties harvesting the highest numbers of turkeys in Maryland winter turkey season January 23-25. Overall, 82 wild turkeys were harvested statewide; 9 in Garrett County.

Garrett Mentors is hosting the Chamber February Business After Hours on Thursday, February 13th from 5:30 pm- 7:30 pm at Dutch’s at Silver Tree. Register with Holly at (301) 387-6171.

The Lake hasn’t frozen over yet but there is still fantastic fishing for crappie, walleye, largemouth and smallmouth bass, northern pike, and chain pickerel. Read the full fishing report this week.

The Maryland Geological Survey will lead professional surveying societies of Maryland and Pennsylvania in a new survey of monuments along the Mason-Dixon Line. This will be the first complete survey in 40 years of the line, which was marked in a 1760s survey that defined the Maryland-Pennsylvania border.

Join the Grantsville Library for a family-friendly way to spend your afternoon today! Fun Factory features crafts and activities on days that the schools dismiss early for staff development. Hannah Byler Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: 301-895-5298

Shane Masters, Keith Roberts Trio, Greg Short & Friends, Derek Shank, Ronnie Burroughs are on the slate for entertainment this weekend.

Mt. Fresh Winter Farmers Market will be held tomorrow from 11am – 1pm. Remember it is the “winter market” so it will be held at Garrett County Community Action at 104 East Center Street in Oakland, Maryland 21550.

Thursday January 30

The weather today will be a chance of snow showers, mainly between 10am and 5pm. Cloudy, with a high near 32 and a low around 28. Chance of precipitation is 40%. Total daytime snow accumulation of less than a half inch possible.

Our water and air temperature gauge is beginning to look more like the winter we want to see!

There is a chance building for more snow as a Nor’easter makes its way up the coast. It probably won’t be much accumulation, though.

What a stunning view from yesterday shared by Gena Sweeney:

Gena Sweeney Deep Creek Lake, MD Rime

What’s New Around Town?! This N That Grocery to name one!

The Hogan administration recognized 40 professionals as Maryland’s first class of Climate Change Professionals, an international credential administered by the Association of Climate Change Officers, during the meeting of the Board of Public Works. Read more.

The Garrett County 911 center is in its final stages of testing the Text To 911 and is in need of testing with the carrier Sprint. If you have Sprint as a cellular phone service and are willing to take part in the testing, please contact Ken Collins directly at or phone 301-334-8943.

Any high school students with an interest in forestry, fisheries, wildlife, or parks management are invited to participate in a Natural Resources Careers Camp, July 19-25 at the Hickory Environmental Education Center in Garrett County. Read more.

The WV Maple Syrup Producers Association is working with Western MD maple producers to find ways to help the industry thrive. They are requesting help through your participation in this quick survey:

The next public meeting of the Board of Garrett County Commissioners will be Monday, February 3. The agenda is here.

Wednesday January 29

Yesterday’s weather had a little of everything, from snow, to freezing rain to freezing fog, but with limited accumulations.  Today’s weather will be partly sunny, with a high near 32 and a low around 23. Limited wind as well, but turning partly cloudy later in the day.

Here’s a photo I took from my porch yesterday morning just for our readers that are out of town to give them an idea of the light snow.  Was actually quite beautiful all around with some areas experiencing icing on trees and shubs and others just snow.

January 28 2020

Early in the day Tuesday

And, oh what a difference a few months can make. Here’s a photo just submitted by Todd Handelman based on my request the other day.  A beautiful photo from the top of Wisp taken this summer.  Thanks for sharing Todd, and keep those photos coming folks.

Todd Handelman

Todd Handelman

I had a great day yesterday facilitating an offiste meeting for Department of Social Services and Community Action Committee, two important organizations that help those in need in our community.  I was VERY impressed, not just by the people and their dedication, but by the complexity and uncertaintly they work with trying to help those in need.  My hats off to them.

The first Choose Civility Discussion of 2020 will be held this evening from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm at the Oakland branch of the Ruth Enlow Library. Stop by and check it out, but please be civil… 🙂

Tuesday January 28

As I write these Daily Notes early Monday evening we are getting some frozen precipitation. The weather for Tuesday calls for a slight chance of flurries and freezing drizzle before 7:00 am, then a chance of snow showers. The high for the day is expected to be 32 degrees, with a low in the evening of around 23 degrees.

Be on the lookout for the Blind Skiers every Tuesday and Wednesday at the Wisp for the next four weeks Jan 28-29, Feb 4-5, 11-12 and 18-19. They just need a little extra space going down the slope and we have the operators slow the lift when they are getting on and off. There’s still time to help out as a guide if you’re a skier (or a snowboarder, to take pictures). Contact Deep Creek Lake Lions on their Facebook page or call Joey at 301.616.4586.

Lions Club

Lions Club Blind Skiers

Moving from the slopes to the summer, I heard Bill’s Marine Service is now accepting reservations for boats for the 2020 season.  They can be reached at 301.387.5535.

The American Red Cross will be in Oakland at the American Legion Hall on February 7th and at the Garrett County Health Department on February 14th. You can find more information at or you can call to schedule an appointment.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources plans to release over 77,000 trout into Garrett County waters in the Spring.  Here’s a link to the latest schedule, by location and showing amounts planned for each location. With that many fish out there even I should be able to catch one!

I know all of our readers have been on the edge of their seat waiting for this news: reports that Iconic SweetHearts conversation candy hearts are back this year, but production issues apparently plagued their new manufacturer. They reviewed a sample of the new SweetHearts and found: 65% had no markings on them at all – completely blank, 24% had unintelligible misprints, 8% had partially printed phrases, Only 3% had full, well-placed phrases. Well, regardless, they probably still taste good and anyway, I’ll be at the lake with my sweetheart on Valentines Day…

Hey there amateur photographers.  If you have a nice photo of the lake-area or a lake-area activity that you would like to share, please send it in to Sarah and I and we will do our best to post it in Daily Notes. You can submit to Thanks in advance…


Monday January 27

Well, the big weekend winter storm was pretty much averted, with just some rain and then snow on Sunday.  Today there’s a chance of snow showers, then a chance of rain and snow showers between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm, then a chance of snow showers and freezing rain after 4:00pm. The temperature will range from a high near 33 to a low of 26.  Not much accumulation is expected but it could be hazardous, so please watch out for ice and slick roads.

We’re asking for your thoughts in a quick survey – and you can win 2 Wisp Lift tickets!

Here’s a video posted on the PACE site that shows the speakers Friday morning at the breakfast.

The Deep Creek Lake Lions are holding their annual boat auction on Saturday, May 16. at 1:00 pm at the Lion’s Club dog park next to HART on Bumble Bee road.  If you have a boat you don’t want any more, please consider donating to this good cause.  If you are looking for a “new” boat, this is also a great place to find something.  Boats at all price levels are offered and the proceeds go to support our local Lions non-profit efforts to help the community.  Please consider.  Here’s a snapshot from last year’s auction:

DCL Lions Boat


The Northern and Southern girls basketball teams play this evening up at Northern High School.  Come on out and support your favorite team or just cheer on our local student athletes and enjoy a low cost, wholesome evening out.

Here’s nine wise winter weather tips from Mutts Mulligan of Turf Mutt about winter weather and our dogs.  Simple, practical and I thought I would share them:

Bring Outdoor Dogs Inside –The safest, most comfortable place for your pet during the winter months is inside with you. Remember, if it’s too cold for you, it’s also too cold for your pet. Offer a warm, dry place to rest inside. A pet bed works perfectly.

Know Your Fur Facts – With the exception of the fur in between their paw pads, which you should trim to prevent painful ice balls from forming, do not cut your dog’s fur in the wintertime. Pets naturally develop winter coats to protect them from the harsh elements. Also, remember that not all dogs are created equally well for winter conditions. Smaller dogs, those with shorter hair, older pups, and pets who are sick might need winter attire like a coat or protective booties to be comfortable outside. For very frail pups and young puppies who have a hard time regulating their body temperature, you will want to limit exposure to necessary breaks and very short walks.

Keep Them Clean & Dry – Keep a dry, clean towel near the door to wipe down your pet’s legs, belly and paws after each outdoor excursion. Also, check your dog’s ears, paws and tail for any sign of frostbite, which shows up as discolored skin, swelling or blisters. Signs of hypothermia include shivering, shallow breathing, weak pulse and lethargy. If either of these conditions appears, take your dog to a warm, dry place and contact your vet. Finally, ice-melt is helpful for humans, but it can hurt your furry friend by irritating their skin and can cause serious illness if ingested.

Wear Reflective Gear – Shorter winter days mean daily walks are often done after the sun sets. In addition to choosing a walking route that is lighted and keeping your dog close to you when walking on the street, you can offer extra protection by getting your pet a reflective collar, leash or coat. Reflective clothing is a good idea for the humans in your pack, as well. Lighted headgear not only helps drivers see you, it also makes it easier to clean up after your dog when you’re on a walk in the dark.

Be Careful Around Ice – Slipping on the ice accumulated on sidewalks and roads can cause muscle strains and other injuries. For those who live near a pond or lake, extra precautions need to be taken to keep your dog – and yourself – away from frozen bodies of water. Even if it looks solid, you or your pet could fall through thin ice.

Be Food & Water Wise – Winter air is dry, so make sure your pet has unlimited access to fresh, clean water to drink. Monitor their food and snack intake since indoor pets – like humans – will burn fewer calories during the winter months.

Operate Outdoor Power Equipment Safely – Using a snow thrower can make quick work of snow removal and create a path to your pet’s relief area. But always keep kids and pets inside, away from the equipment when it is in operation. Having a portable generator on hand can help your whole family stay safe and warm during a winter power outage. Use it safely by keeping the generator dry and placing it outside, away from windows, doors and vents.

Be Prepared for Emergencies – When you are preparing your family’s winter emergency kit, don’t forget the family pet. You should include enough food, water and medication to last five days.

When All Else Fails, Have Fun Inside – As much as Mutt Mulligan or your dog might love romping in the snow, there will simply be days when winter weather makes getting exercise outdoors impossible. Stave off boredom by teaching your dog a new trick or working on an obedience lesson inside. Treat toys and puzzle games provide both mental and physical stimulation until the weather improves.

Have a great Monday folks.

Friday January 24, Saturday January 25, Sunday January 26

The weather today will be mostly cloudy, with a high near 41 and a low around 34. A chance of showers. Saturday will be rain and snow showers likely, mainly before 1pm. Cloudy, with a high near 37 and low around 29. West wind 7 to 11 mph, with gusts as high as 26 mph. Sunday is a chance of snow showers with a high near 32 and a low around 28. West wind 14 to 16 mph, with gusts as high as 26 mph.

Weekend accumulation expected to be less than 3 inches of snow.

I enjoyed a short day of skiiing on Thursday. Awesome views from the top of the mountain!

Deep Creek Lake, MD from the Wisp Resort Chairlift

The Maryland State Fire Marshal is warning parents of a new viral teen video, which may result in fire incidents and cause serious injury. The “challenge” seen on the popular video app, TikTok, involves using the plug part of a phone charger, partially inserting it into the wall outlet, and then sliding a penny down the wall onto the exposed prongs. “We are alerting parents to this challenge, and advise them to not only look for signs of fire play like scorched outlets but to have conversations about fire and electrical safety with tweens and teenagers.”

Winter can be a tough time of year for many of our local wildlife species. You can give them a hand by creating habitat and providing natural foods. In the winter edition of HabiChat learn about Cedar Waxwings, native inkberry holly, Winter Greens for Wildlife, and more.

Are you a birder? Help with the third Maryland-DC Breeding Bird Atlas. MD DNR wants to know what species are still utilizing Maryland to breed through a population survey method known a breeding bird atlas. Data for the Atlas is collected through the MD-DC BBA3 eBird portal and not the standard eBird page.

I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend full of musical entertainment. Enjoy!

Thursday January 23

The weather today will be cloudy with a high near 42 and a low around 27.

Holly Slusser Kern captured this gorgeous sunrise lakeside this morning at Deep Creek Lake — note there is some ice on the lake in the photo. Maybe it will freeze completely over? Our snowmobile riding and ice fishing friends can hope!

Holly Slusser Kern Sunrise at Deep Creek Lake, MD

Will we see some difficult weather? … they say, “red in the morning, sailors take warning” …

AccuWeather shared this map of total expected snowfall for the weather event Friday – Sunday. Looks like it won’t be too much here at the Lake.

AccuWeather Total Snowfall Map

One of our advertisers, Double Oak Farms, shared their son’s “Be the Change You Want To See In The World” project with us — in the month of January, David has chosen that all money he raises will go towards the purchase of honeybees — so far he raised money towards the purchase of 5 pigs, 2 goats, and a sheep that were donated to needy families. Learn more here.

Here’s an older article from the website Only In Your State — “the snowiest town in Maryland” is Oakland, MD.

Garrett County may be facing a budget crisis related to state education spending mandates if legislation from the “Kirwan Commission” is passed as it is currently presented. Other counties in Maryland are facing a similar situation — one delegate proposed a solution.

Mountain Maryland PACE is happening this week — see the live stream at

Wednesday January 22

Today will be sunny, with a high near 39 and a low of 24 in the evening.  Winds will be light and variable and clouds will appear in the evening. The weather yesterday was perfect for snow making and the WISP snow makers were really turning it on all around the mountain. Here’s a photo of me during my lunch break yesterday… It was a bit chilly, but I look good, don’t I?

ski cartoon

Mike on the slope

I bet you didn’t know that this week is Community Risk Reduction (CRR) Week, a grassroots effort by the nation’s fire services to encourage fire prevention and life safety education.  It is an effort supported by the state fire marshal and local fire agencies to get ahead of the 911 call and prevent issues before they occur.

The Deep Creek Watershed Foundation’s (DCWF) Board and its Advisors asked me to share their thanks to all that helped make the watershed cleaner and safer in 2019. This includes all that contributed time, effort and funding to the Foundation as well as State and local agencies and local businesses and individuals. Let’s all continue to help DCWF in their efforts to support, promote and advance scientific study, environmental protection and educational programs relating to the watershed. There’s only one Deep Creek Lake!

The NRA Basic Rifle course is being offered through the Continuing Education and Workforce Development division of Garrett College. The class is scheduled for Saturday, January 25th from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm at the College’s Northern Outreach Center located in Grantsville. There is a range component as well, which will take place in Frostburg.  Contact the college at 301.387.3069 for more information or to register.

Here’s the Winter 2020 Deep Creek Dispatch newsletter from the Property Owners’ Association of Deep creek Lake. Some good information as always, including a brief tribute to their president Paul Weiler who passed away unexpectedly in December.

Safe travels and good luck to all those heading down to Annapolis for PACE meetings over the next few days…

Tuesday January 21

Today will be Mostly cloudy, then gradually becoming sunny, with a high near 23 and a low of around 14.  Bundle up!

Here’s a photo taken at sunrise on January 15th by one of my favorite people, Traci Royce, who along with her equally wonderful husband, Kiley, used to own Get-n-Go in Oakland and now work at Sunrise Shred and Royce Construction, respectively. If you see them please tell them you saw their sunrise!

Sunrise Over the Farm

Sunrise Over the Farm

Here’s another nice sunrise photo taken yesterday morning, as submitted by dedicated reader and photographer, Mary Freese.  Thanks Mary, almost looks like an angel coming over the mountain…

Sunrise on 1 20 20

Sunrise “Angel”

Packing for a winter vacation at the lake or elsewhere?  The experts have some advice for you. They suggest: a hat (to help you retain warmth), cold weather footwear (the one heavy, bulky item to pack), gloves (light, breathable and weather-proof), enough layers to be flexible and warm, and some important accessories (such as sunglasses).  Here’s a link to the complete article.

The Young Readers’ Book Club is taking place this afternoon from 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm at the Oakland Branch of the Ruth Enlow Library, for grades six and up.  They meet the third Tuesday of each month to discuss select books.  Sounds like a nice way to spend a cool winter afternoon.

How educated is Maryland you ask?  Here’s some insight from a recent WalletHub analysis, in which Maryland came in second overall:

  • 25th – % of High-School Diploma Holders
  • 9th – % of Associate’s Degree Holders or College-Experienced Adults
  • 3rd – % of Bachelor’s Degree Holders
  • 2nd – % of Graduate- or Professional-Degree Holders
  • 6th – Avg. University Quality

You can see the results of the complete study here.

The 44th annual Mountain Maryland PACE Reception and Breakfast, presented by The Cumberland/Allegany County Industrial Foundation (CACIF) and the Garrett County Development Corporation, have been announced. PACE stands for Positive Attitudes Change Everything and it will take place this Thursday and Friday in Annapolis.  Here’s the list of “talking points” distributed for all attendees and I thought them worth sharing for all here:

Closing of the Luke Paper Mill – In the early morning hours of April 30, 2019, the Verso Corporation announced it was closing a 131-year old institution, the Luke Paper Mill. The Baltimore Sun’s editorial Board described the closure as “a shock to the system, on par with Baltimore County losing the Social Security Administration or T. Rowe Price.” As Allegany and Garrett Counties continue to rebuild after the loss, assistance from the Maryland General Assembly is even more vital.

Broadband Accessibility – Universal and affordable access to broadband is a key economic driver for Allegany and Garrett Counties. Working together we can close the connectivity gaps in the region by developing innovative policies and programs to subsidize the infrastructure cost to expand broadband coverage. This approach will better position Allegany and Garrett Counties to support existing businesses and attract and retain new business. Specific asks are:

  • Continue to provide support for expansion of rural broadband efforts, to include state fiber;
  • Create a mechanism where Maryland ISPs are REQUIRED to provide customer address and service level information to the Maryland Office of Rural Broadband.

Infrastructure/Development Projects Route 219 North – Continue to work with the State of Pennsylvania for the connection of Route 219 North to the Pennsylvania state line.

Autonomous Vehicle Test Track – Support the work of the Governor’s Task Force on an autonomous vehicle (self-driving vehicle) test track to be located in Frostburg, Maryland, in partnership with Frostburg State University.

Outdoor Recreation Projects – Geographically, aesthetically and recreationally, the outdoors is what differentiates Allegany and Garrett Counties from the rest of the state. With 150,000 acres of publicly accessible land comprised of parks, forests and lakes – our region offers exceptional outdoor recreation opportunities year-round. Funding is needed in both counties for the following projects:

  • Garrett: Wolf Den State Park, Youghiogheny Trail, Jennings Brothers Rail Bed
  • Allegany: River Park at Canal Place.


Monday January 20

After a weekend with rain, freezing rain and snow, including a cold and very windy Sunday, today will be mostly cloudy, with a chance of snow showers before 1:00 pm.  Temps will also be very chilly, with a high of only 20 and a low of 12, with a wind chill forecast of -1 degree.  Bundle-up if you are going outside! Here’s a photo outside my front door of an ice-encrusted tree Saturday morning:

After the Ice Storm

After the Ice Storm

Happy Martin Luther King Day to all. In 1983, President Ronald Reagan signed into law a bill creating Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a federal holiday honoring the legacy of the slain civil rights leader. Martin Luther King Jr. Day was first celebrated in 1986, and in all 50 states in 2000. Dr. King was born on January 15, 1929.

While we try to keep things positive in Daily Notes, I thought I should mention this.  A local non-profit enterprise (that will remain nameless here) recently had their “identity” stolen, with fake checks created and passed with their account number (but with another business’s name on them). The checks were used to purchase merchandise at a local store. The local bank was very helpful, but the retail establishment may have to “eat” over $2,000 in fraud losses, and if the fraud had not been picked-up quickly by one of the non-profit’s volunteers, it could have been catastrophic. Please be careful and spread the word, as it appears even non-profits are targets these days.

Here’s a photo I took Sunday afternoon of the melt water rushing down Cherry Creek and into the lake.  It is possible to find natural beauty almost everywhere at the lake and certainly in every season. Frankly, this photo doesn’t do the scene justice, but I tried!

Cherry Creek in January

Cherry Creek Sunday

My friend and fellow Lion, Ed King, has written a number of articles and books on the Deep Creek Lake area, it’s people, places and history.  As we experience MLK Day 2020, I am reminded of another day years ago when the snow makers saved the holiday for the WISP and all who recreate on it’s slopes. In a “Salute to the Snow Makers” article published in 1993 (and reprinted in I Love Deep Creek Lake), Ed recounts how, after a December with 35 inches of natural snow, rain and unseasonable warm temperatures had made for a bleak outlook for the slopes on the holiday weekend. But the weather changed, cooled down and the snow makers worked tirelessly 24 x 7 for two days to get the snow made and the slopes ready.  So, the next time you meet a snow maker, thank them for their many efforts over the years to “save the day” for our locals and visitors alike. To chat with Ed or purchase one of his books, you can email him at or call 301-616-5702.



Friday January 17, Saturday January 18, Sunday January 19

The weather today will be mostly sunny, with a high near 28 and a low around 23. Northwest wind 6 to 11 mph becoming light north in the afternoon.

Tonight will be snow, mainly after 4am with new snow accumulation of 1 to 2 inches possible. Saturday will be snow and sleet, possibly mixed with freezing rain before noon, then freezing rain, possibly mixed with sleet between noon and 2pm, then rain after 2pm. High near 41 and low around 20. Southeast wind 13 to 16 mph becoming southwest in the afternoon. Winds could gust as high as 28 mph. New ice accumulation of less than a 0.1 of an inch possible. New snow and sleet accumulation of 1 to 2 inches possible.

A chance of snow showers on Sunday mainly before 1pm. Cloudy, with a high near 22 and a low around 15.

We have a unique sponsorship ad opportunity that has just become available for your business, your rental, or your service — message us for details! First-come, first-served.

The still waters of Deep Creek Lake, the calm before the storm, was shared with us by Becca Engle:

Becca Engle Mirrored Deep Creek Lake, MD

The Schaefer Center at the University of Baltimore is conducting a study for the Maryland Insurance Administration to examine why people in rural, low-income and medically underserved areas do not have health insurance and why some people who have health insurance do not use it.

Unfortunately, Fentaynl deaths have gone up in Garrett County; reported by the Garrett County Health Department.

The Savage River Lodge property has just been listed for sale. What a cool opportunity to get into business here in Garrett County!

The Garrett County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that the next Business Before Hours on January 21, 2020 will feature an Economic Forecast by Dr. Daraius Irani, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research at Towson University. Register wit Holly Lane at 301-387-6171.

A week-long Natural Resources Careers Camp will be held in Garrett County  — there are scholarships available from the Garrett County Forestry Board for Garrett County students.

There’s always something new around town! Check it out!

Take a break this holiday weekend and don’t forget the events and entertainment that are lined up!

Thursday January 16

The weather today will be scattered snow showers, mainly after noon. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 36 and a low around 18. Breezy, with a west wind around 22 mph, with gusts as high as 39 mph. Total daytime snow accumulation of less than one inch possible and total nighttime snow accumulation of less than one inch possible.

According to NOAA, a weekend storm system still looks likely at this time. Accumulating snow is expected to begin late Friday night, changing over to a wintry mix through the morning, and finally becoming all rain over the course of the afternoon. Specific amounts at this time are difficult at this point as there is still some uncertainty in the pattern.

Richard Baldwin shared this photo of his recent fun on Deep Creek Lake.

Richard Baldwin Ice on Deep Creek Lake

RUMOR IS … The Walmart in Oakland will be closed from 1:00am to 6:00am every night beginning February 1st. I tried to call three times to confirm but it looks like I’ll have to stop in and see.

A yellow Supra Sunsport 22V boat was just listed for sale in our Online Marketplace. It looks fast!

Remember that contest a few weeks ago for 2 lift ticjets from Wisp? Sorry for the delay — Tim Elder was the randomly drawn winner! Here is the photo he shared with us of “tubing in the yard – 2014”:

Tim Elder Deep Creek Lake, MD Memories

Lastly, back to the forecast… According to AccuWeather, a swath of 3 to 6 inches of accumulation is anticipated from parts of the mountains of Pennsylvania to coastal Maine.

Wednesday January 15

Weather-wise for today we have a chance of showers, mainly after 5:00 pm. Mostly sunny during the day, with a high near 55 and a low around 32. The wind will also pick-up in the evening, with a west wind of 11 – 16 miles per hour, and picking-up after midnight to the mid-twenties in wind speed.

I took this photo at 5:45 pm last evening in Swanton, facing north-west through the tree line.  Looks a bit eerie and ominous, yet calming all at the same. Please don’t forget to keep sending us your photos of family, friends and locations at the lake. We love to see them and share with all of our readers. Please send them in to

Dusk at the lake

Dusk through the trees

Meow. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources Wildlife and Heritage Service recently partnered with University of Delaware to study bobcat populations in Garrett and Allegany counties. Graduate student Kevin Lamp will present the findings of his research at the New Germany Lake House on Jan. 25th. My cats Lucy and Cashflow are actively awaiting the study report-out to see if any cousins are nearby.

Bobcats at the lake

Bobcat by David Westphalen/Painet Inc.

Here’s more information on the bobcat study presentation along with information on state park and trail passes for 2020 in the latest issue of New Germany News.

It’s Open Mic Night at Moonshadow this evening from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm.  They are looking for members of the community that are musicians, DJs, story tellers, etc. to share their talents.

Here’s something different: Garrett College will be hosting a four-day men’s basketball extravaganza featuring 17 prep, post-grad and high school squads over the Martin Luther King Holiday Weekend. The MLK Hoopfest 2020 runs from Friday, January 17th through Monday, January 20th at the CARC Gymnasium on the Garrett College campus and will include teams from Maryland and the Northeast region.  A complete schedule can be found at!

Tuesday January 14

The weather for today will likely include rain, mainly between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. The high will be near 55, with a low of about 37. There will be a southeast wind of 8 to 13 mph becoming west in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation is 70%. For a national look here’s an update post from AccuWeather on a potential winter storm for the Northeast (with rain in lower states) this weekend. We will likely see a mix.

It’s Taco Tuesday again at Black Bear Tavern all day today.  You get two for $2, either soft or crunchy.  Check them out in McHenry and tell them Deep Creek Times sent you!

It’s shred day, it’s shred day!  What the heck is that you ask?  Well you can click here to find out and learn how to un-clutter for the new year! Hint: it is at the Oakland branch of the Ruth Enlow Library.

There’s a Tele-Townhall meeting this evening for all those interested in learning more about the 2020 census and the Maryland Fair Maps Act. It starts at 7:00 pm and you can learn more and register here.

Not trying to make a political point here at all, but the first state-sponsored Climate Leadership Academy starts February 20th, with registration closing the end of January and a class size limit of 75 individuals. The Maryland program is the nation’s first state-sponsored institution providing continuing education and executive training programs specifically designed for state and local government officials, infrastructure executives, and business leaders around climate change.

Well, someone must be living right! Ira Miller is turning 103 years young on January 27th!  His family has asked any and all readers to help him celebrate by sending Ira a birthday card.  His address is: Ira Miller, 1330 Glendale Circle West, Sarasota, Florida 34232  You can also ask Ira to send some sun up our way.

Have a great day folks and may you all live to see 103!

Monday January 13

The weekend had some interesting temperature shifts.  Saturday was in the mid-sixties, Sunday got back down to the 30s and was dreary with a little “spitting” precipitation.  Regardless, I saw tubers and skiers at the Wisp on both days. I guess there are no bad days on the slopes.  I certainly understand. There was also a power outage of a few hours on Saturday south of the 219 bridge and into the northern reaches of Oakland.

Today’s weather will be mostly cloudy, with a high near 50 and a low around 37. There’s a slight chance of showers Monday night in the wee hours.

Speaking of the weather, there was an interesting and challenging mix of weather across the mid-west and into Canada this weekend, with the lake-area being spared. High winds, rain, ice and multiple tornados were reported.  The cold weather will stay north early this week, but I wanted to make readers aware in case they were traveling by auto or air.

Thinking about getting your life and/or home a bit more organized in the New Year?  Here’s a simple suggestion piece from Zillow to get you started.  Some people resolve to get in better shape or get rid of troublesome credit card debt. Here’s a link to a study that found Maryland had average per-capita credit card debt of $4,228 to rank third among all of the states. Here’s a link to the study.  Interesting stuff I think.

Also at the state-level, but certainly impacting, and of use to, all at the lake, is the Department of Natural Resources January 2020 newsletter.  It covers such topics as trout stocking, turkey season, and a variety of other topics including 2020 being designated by Governor Hogan as the year of the woman.

This one hurts to report:  The sudden and unexpected passing of Paul Weiler on December 20 has deeply saddened the Deep Creek Watershed Board and advisors and many at the lake. Paul was a member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, and served as its Project Manager following his turn as president of the Foundation. His kindness, analytical insights and tireless generosity will be greatly missed. Paul’s family would appreciate donations to the Deep Creek Watershed Foundation at I (Mike) have had the pleasure of working and interacting with Paul on a number of boards and committees and he was a gentle, kind, caring and talented man that will surely be missed.

Deep Creek Watershed Foundation

Paul Weiler